A Visit to Harumanis Orchard

Last week, Prof. Keigo Watanabe from Okayama, Japan came for one-week visit to our cluster as Cluster Advisor. On his fifth day here, the higher-rank AJK brought him to visit around Perlis, with us as escorts.

The first stop was to Harumanis Orchard located not far from the town. The orchard belongs to and under control of the state government (or something like that).

Harumanis is a name for a type of mango, which is also trade mark of Perlis. It is big, yellow, juicy and sweet.

Since the orchard is so huge-ass vast, Prof. and the higher-rank AJK got to sit on the 4WDs to go around the orchard, while us wandering around the park.

^Rolls and rolls of Harumanis trees

Most of the fruits were wrapped in a plastic bags. The size of the fruits are temptingly big, so things got a little crazy among us...

^This big sis started to go around the area to pick up those on the floor!

^...and this is the outcome!

All of them were on the floor. We couldn't tell either they fall naturally, or they are disqualified to the market, so the workers just leave them there.

One thing's for sure: outsiders are not allowed to bring one single Harumanis out of this orchard. :(

Anyway, thanks to the great PR skill of one of the higher-rank boys, we get to eat FREE pulut mangga (glutinous rice with mango)!


Oh yes, the meal served along with a fresh-blended mango juice! Yum~

Random pictah time:

Kids nowadays, they get so creative! This was on cover page of the assignment of my first year junior. I was a little dazzled by that.

^Japanese set lunch I had in SS2 Mall. It was nice~ But I was the only customer that time...


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