Movie I Watched

1. My Sister's Keeper (2009)

Conclusion: I got sadding :(

This movie has been in my HDD for, hmm, two years? And I have yet to watch it until last weekend when the 'movie mood' came.

The part when the doctor (it's Bones!!) announced to Kate's parents that Kate has leukemia, precisely Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia, I automatically murmured "M3", and stunted then LOL after few seconds for the 职业病 - 'profession side effect'(?).

I cried so hard during the court scene, as at the beginning I really thought Anna was the one who wants to sue their parents. I can't understand the feeling thoroughly of having a close family diagnosed cancer; I mean, the closest relative of mine who was diagnosed cancer is my aunt, but I wasn't around that much when she underwent series of chemo and the suffering time, but thank goodness she's all well now.

The part where the aunties and uncles of Kate's giving advice of 'positive thinking' and stuff irks me, especially when in the beginning Anna narrated that their relatives weren't close to each other. I know 他们是好意, but sometimes shut up is the best way.

Last word: I hope everyone is well!!

FYI: APL or APML or M3 is one of the subtypes in the Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The characteristic of its leukemic cells is that it has a large and very toxic thingy (it is called granules) in the cell which once it bursts and the toxic thingy enters the system, it can be very harmful and even fatal to the patient. However, despite the seriousness, APL has the highest survival rate among other subtypes if treatment is given in the earlier phase.

2. Best of Times (Thailand, 2009)

If you know me very well, you'll know that I love that dog the most in the movie! :p

It's a movie about memories: remember, forget, hold on, let go, etc etc... The flow of the movie is slow and tranquil, especially when it comes to the story of the older couple, Jamrat and Sampit.

I have no absolute idea at all of how to write a review about this movie, you can check this out :) Anyway, this movie is NICE!


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