CNY 2012

Pre CNY:
1) Had my haircut at a self-operated saloon in Kuala Perlis, decided not to do hair dye at the shop, instead a DIY hair dye kat rumah~ This should be the second time I DIY-ed hair dye, and I chose...

^Liese 泡泡染发剂 aka Liese Bubble Hair Color

Wanted to take the pink-ish color range like Cassie Berry but it wasn't available at that particular Guardian and was too lazy to look for it at another place, so picked up the Sweet Apricot color since my hair is kinda dark-ish and a bright color might stand out more easily.

I was very cautious about doing this and kiasu-ly reading the instructions over and over again. Anyway, it wasn't that easy as I thought yet not too hard either, just that I didn't know how to properly lather the bubbles on my hair.

^Waiting 30 mins...

^Work done!

Can't really see the color there but according to Tino, 'it's not black' =___= The chemical smell of the product is quite heavy, still can smell it after 2-3 days. Thankfully as time goes by, the smell reduces and the color appears to be more vibrant.

2) I want to talk about the only dog in the house right now, Lucky the 史上最蠢. We used to have 2-3 dogs before, but they either kena tembak or kena langgar, so left him alone in the house, and we never really expect him to be.... erm... 'mentally challenged'? LoL

He's not actually retarded, but we don't understand his way of thinking. Minus the door opening story as I tend to make a story very very long, let's tell this story instead - about Lucky and his neverending love story with water.

Tino gave both the dog - her dog White2 + Lucky a bath. Most dogs tend to hate bath, but this Lucky dog otherwise. He sat still while Tino brush his back and seems to enjoy it. When it's time to let them dry, look at the picture below...

^see, he prefers to sleep on the puddle rather than the dry area

...and he was not moving from the spot for like 30 mins until us laughing at him from inside the house.

OH yes! By the way, he and his deceased sister Happy is/was not afraid of firecrackers at all! It's like the first time we ever see that kind of dogs ever. (When the neighbor was setting off the annoying red long firecrackers, he would just sit near the gate looking out, and wondering why we were amazed of him looking at the firecrackers)

3) Pre CNY reunion dinners at two places on two nights: Payang Serai and EYE Seafood Restaurant.

CNY Day 1: Busy day. Steamboat at our place as usual but it's the first time ever that our family has only two girls instead of four (Da Jie is married, Er Jie is 'stuck' in NZ so she couldn't come back). As quoted by mom, "we are not incapable, it's lazy"

Running in and out of the house, checking this and that, greeting here and there, receiving Ang Pows etc... Busy busy day.

CNY Day 2: SICK!!! I woke up in the morning feeling all uncomfortable, hot, dizzy and a terrible sore throat. Tino kept teasing me about not taking the medicine the night before when I blamed the VSOP we drank on the first day since she's all good and she drank more than I did. Dragged myself to have breakfast with dad and Tino, and slept through the second day of CNY thanks to the headache and fever.

CNY Day 3: Feeling much better, but the sore throat just wouldn't go away. Went to Min Shin's place to give my little god son his pillow, then to Kampung Cina and Pasir Pekan to visit my grand-aunt and grand-uncle. A gathering at First Station with the girls, then another one at Pheng's house before she flies back to reality and Shin Yee's place.

CNY Day 4: Went to Min Shin's place again to grab a bite of her grandmother's 菜尾 (which I do every year). Had a first hand experience of Mahjong but I gave up after one round due to lack of confidence and shaky hands from the still-there sickness.

CNY Day 5: Another yamcha gathering at Oriental Kopitiam, this time for Shien's sake LoL. And also Qian Yi etc since most of us will be leaving KB soon. Had dinner at The Ritz Restaurant, Bro-in-law's treat. Wanted to have crabs but dad refused, promised for a crab dinner the next day. Curry fish head was nice, luckily the sickness didn't take away the taste bud.

CNY Day 6: Had dinner at EYE Seafood Restaurant. Crab habis!! Dad worried that I was gonna be so disappointed so he wanted to order belut for me, but since belut is not really everyone's liking besides me and Da Jie, I willingly said no and we had other food.

CNY Day 7: Back to the reality!! On the way back, I dreamed about my grandmother choked of food and it woke me up!

P/S: Last night I dreamed about me having a baby with one guy (which I don't know and I forgot the face now anyway), and a guy friend came up to me and said:"I actually like you for a long time, but since you have a baby with other guy, I'm not sure what to do." LoL?


tino said…
most interesting part:
cny day 7 and p/s :S

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