The Chronicle of M&M - Progress

1) Nap place

With the size of cage of 130cm x 50cm + 50cm x 50cm, they can simply sleep wherever they like. These are basically where they love to sleep most of the time:

i. toilet mat tunnel

I rolled up an unused toilet mat to make a tunnel, and put it in the cage for them to play. Literally, they find it a very nice place to nap and hide, as if I can't see them huh...

ii. Toilet-cum-nap-place

This initially-to-be toilet has 'malfunctioned', as they don't understand the purpose of it from the beginning til now, yet, they love to nap there, especially since I put a stone in it to hold a cloth in place. The sweetest thing is when they sleep with eyes closed :) (FYI, GPs are very intimate and cautious animals, they hardly nap/sleep with eyes closed)

Anyway, some of the time they can sense an annoying camera lens pointing at them, again and again, so...

^What WHAT??? What are you looking at????

iii. Food bowl

Their food bowls are made of ceramics, so it functions as a 'cooling pad' for them during the hot times. Sometimes, they can be spotted sleeping in the larger food bowl, regardless the existence of food in it, dry or wet etc. I mean, they do pee in the bowl, but they would still like to sleep in it.

iv. Cloth tunnel

Lil Moz 林小毛 loves cloth tunnels to the max. He's the one I spotted always crawling in and out of cloth tunnel, and stay still in it. Now that his size has increased, it's a little difficult to move around in the cloth but he still likes it.


^Stupid cutie Moz, 你以为你酱我就看不到你吗?

The fun part is when Moz crawls inside the tunnel, it's like a huge worm wiggling! LoL

2) Hide place

I have replaced all the closed hiding place like a huge cardboard or tunnel to those hollow ones, so that I can still peep on them when they think they can hide from my hawk eyes. LOL. Besides that, since their size has increased, I try to reduce more 'obstacles' as possible so that they can have more space to run about.

Moz is still the cutest when it comes to hiding/hide place. Recently I hang some cloths around the cage for them to hide behind it, and see how it goes, and lil Moz do the darndest and cutest thing.

^First experiment

He literally walked through/underneath the cloth for few rounds, and the last round he would push the cloth slightly with his nose, and when his nose touches the edge of the cloth, he would just sit there, very very still, as if I cannot see him! CUTE NOT?? :D I laughed until nearly exploded when I took this pictures of him, while he sat still in that location for a long, long time.

^Taken during CNY, at KB.


3) Prison break

Yes, these two smart ass furbrats know how to prison break already.

There's one empty space in their cage that is not closed due to miscalculation and stuff. Friends suggested the space to be closed, but at that time both of them were still very intimate and shy, they won't even get out of their hide house, much less escape?!

...until few weeks back, when I was watching movie on my laptop, I suddenly spotted something moving at my side, and I saw lil Mannie 林小满 exploring around the room!

It was Mannie alone in the first few days who dare enough to get out, but when he brought his bro out, and they started to pee and poo whenever they like, it's detention time.

^Ready.... get set.... OUT!

However, lil Mannie is proven a smart ass GP of a PhD student (LoL). I tried to restrict their access around the room with a plastic fence, but when I came back home, I found the fence was breached! Then experiment started to see how did they prison break that...

^See see!!

This smart ass dude knows where to search for the 'weak point' of the fence, which is the connection part, then he would push the fence until there's a space for him to escape!

Fortunately, I still outsmart him no matter what! Anyway, since they have the gut to come out, I encourage them once in a while for some extra floor time.

4) Makan corner

Every morning, when I struggle between getting up and lying down, somebody sense my movements...


YES, they would 'spy' at my bed's direction, running in and out of the dining corner, and look up to see if I prepare their food!

Nowadays, they already know the time to eat, so when it's morning and I start moving, they start wheeking for food; when it's evening and I come back from Uni, they start wheeking for food; when they hear someone open fridge door, they start wheeking; when I stand up from my chair, they start wheeking...

Smart ass dudes...


It's hard to find their staple food, hay, and pellets on this smallest state in Malaysia. So I have no other option than to purchase them online.

^New food for them

Since pellets are only 20% of their daily diet (thank goodness!), these few packets can last for at least 2 months.

5) Others...

As they grow bigger, their 'man part' tends to grow bigger too, and it's like basically drag on the ground when they walk. So officially, it's the time for them to mate.

However, although both of them are males (and I won't get a female because I do not want them to breed), they will climb on each other and ... you know;


BUT it's not the real thing though. They would just climb up, stay there for few seconds and then come back down. Weird is that whoever is at the bottom, he will not frustrated or unhappy or irritated etc, except some moments when the climber will be 'scolded'.

Anyway, still no female and no breeding for me. I simply can't afford the time, money and space.

(P/S: please don't tell me "why don't you get a female? Don't want baby? Can give/sell to me ah!!" Sorry mate, cuteness is not the only reason I keep them, and it involves a whole LOT of responsibilities!!)

^Flooring + cage cleaning time

Once in a while, when the thorough cage cleaning and mandi time are scheduled,they would be put in the living room for a while and hanging out. They don't seem to be comfortable during these time, but, what the heck~ It's for your sake too! :p


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