This and That

Few things happened for the past few weeks of my life:

1) Went back hometown for little ShirLyn's full moon. That girl has grown huge after a week since I last saw her! She's huge in the first place anyway. She is also the first newborn who I hug and carry for the first time in my life! (Note: I am so not dare to carry newborn, due to their small size most of the time, so this huge babe is one exception!)

The ceremony was simple. A morning bath followed by some simple 'blessing' thingy: hair and nail cutting, rice and pulut eating, gold biting, paper and pen holding and scribbling, lastly salt and sugar eating. All the eating part was in a very very tiny portion, so no need to worry about that. We recorded a video of it, and it's really cute and funny! :D

We've been busy for the whole morning of escorting the princess around town to pray and deliver full moon cakes. Sis's MIL ordered nasi dagang for the day, and it's yummy! People coming over to the house to see the baby and hoo haa-ing on her hair and cuteness! One thing bothering us the aunties was that an ex colleague of sis insisted of changing lil B into those fluffy lacey dress, which is not her style AT ALL! It's determined since her young age that she's not really those girly girl type LOL...

Now, not seeing her for a week, I missed her so badly!

2) I started a new diet of fruit juices. It all began when ah Long, my housemate, bought a juicer and he started mixing and blending all the leftover veggie and fruits together and drank it. I find it easier to drink the fruits especially apples instead of eating them as it can be mushy like those gala apples which I dislike a lot. Even a Fuji apple can be a gamble as some of them would turn out to be mushy as well. So, blending them all up and glurp is the fastest way to get rid of them!

3) Have been sick. The night after Jessica's my housemate birthday celebration, I woke up with a sore throat and mysterious body ache on Friday morning. Thought that sweating might be helpful in the situation, I didn't call off the badminton game on that night, too bad it didn't help up.

Pop few pills, literally slept through Saturday, and it got a little better except the sore throat. Hence, I am still widely awake in this wee hour 3AM -___-

Anyway, I wasn't sure if sickness or illness is a suitable term for this condition, as I feel lively despite the sore throat, which stopped me from joining friends' K session! Argh!!

4) Damn Buffalo hard disk has failed me! At first, few folders were unable to execute 'due to I/O error' OMG!, then it started to 'attack' my Running Man collection!! ZOMG!!!

So, besides being sick and stuff, I had to find way of moving the 200-300GB worth of movies, series and other shits and format the drive, and send it back for warranty claim. Thank goodness it has 3 years warranty!


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