I Am Wee ShirLyn

P/S: I (the blog owner) was thinking about writing only one post of my dear little niece, but then it's not fair for those who can't read Mandarin, so here I am, writing about her in English, in first person narrative.

P/P/S: I have been soooo lazy. Sorry for the much-delayed post.

Hello world!!

I think you might know who I am by now from my aunties' FB, and I acknowledge EVERYONE who say how freakingly cute I am (although I know it's the freaking truth!).

I was born in 6th June 2012, so I celebrated my full moon 'party' last Friday. Almost everyone was there, except my 姑姑s and 二姨 The 'Crocodile', but it's fine on my side because I've been grumpy and hard to please most of the times.

I am now weighed at 4.6kg, and still has that hairy hair which make everyone screams of jealousy and excitement.

I LOVE sleeping with my arms folded and raised beside my ears! So, sometimes my evil ah yi would disturb my sleep like:


Once in a while, I love making faces like:


...which I can't explain to my ah yis why I do that, but it must be extremely cute that they always snap pictures of me doing that ALL THE TIME, unless they can't manage to grab a camera at the time.

^Contented after grandma helped me 打嗝

Being a baby, I am still working on being a human, but since I can't speak, all I can do is cry, and I think crying is not really a known language, the adults can't react on the spot. Anyway, since I'm cute as a button, I can get in my way. Wahahaha!

OK lah I'll apologize to everyone whom I caused problem to when I'm old enough to understand things. :)


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