Zumba Brazilian Flavour Master Class with Enrique Salomao

Most of you should know me better by now, that I am a total ZUMBA freak.

According to The Hunter,
"Wow you really go everywhere for this ZUMBA thingy huh..."
"NO I'm not. So far it's just Penang."

14th April, a 'ZUMBA "Brazilian Flavour" Master Class with Enrique Salomao' was held at 24 Hours Xtreme Fitness, Straits Quay.

We, being me, Lee Jynn and Tess, went Penang a day earlier for some light shopping, eating and gossiping. Girls trip is always fun!! (note: ...when you are with your best gossip buddies around, of course).

On the day, Straits Quay was packed as there was this Science Fair thingy going on as well, and the parking was jam-packed full, luckily we got a parking spot after ten minutes of circling.
Our instructor of the day - Enrique Salomao

A Zumba Master Class is something like an ordinary class with extended time duration. It means, the usual class is normally an hour long, and the Master Class extends the time to half an hour more, and unlike the Zumba parties I have attended before, it involves one or two instructors only.

See how fresh and 'clean' everyone was before the class :)
Class started at three. I spotted few long haired girls let their hair off and that made me wonder, hmmm how would it be if I untie my hair too. So that's what I did, let go of my long flowing hair for a go.
(Spot me please) Warming up with hair break loose
Before long that I realized, it was seriously a stupid and terrible idea, for me at least, to be 'Rapunzel'. I sweat a lot generally, and I sweat even more when I exercise as if I am drenched with rain, even in an air-conditioned room. So, after the first song/warm up, ponytail it goes

Back to the show. Enrique is an interesting and fun instructor to begin with. His moves are fun, slutty sometimes and very cheeky, and so do himself. He would throw in some of the very seducing acts like biting the finger, whacking his ass and such. I don't understand much of the Brazilian movements, but it involves a lot, I mean A LOT, of buttock and hips movement, and I tell you this Enrique guy can really shake his ass!!! LOL :D The result of too much butt shaking, three of us ended up sore waist and hip joints after the class.

He is really good in controlling the atmosphere of the crowd too. One time he did a slow song, and he invited two golden age participants to join him on stage. The aunties kicked ass!

At the end of the show, Lisa, the organizer, brought in a cake because it was Enrique's birthday!! :) The crowd sang a birthday song for him and we had a group photo.

There's nothing more satisfying than a good sweat and a great fitness :D
Oh, should I add in 'love' as well hehe

After the show, we fulfilled our coffee crave at Starbucks. Lee Jynn, a non-coffee addict like us, ordered Cappuccino and it was bitter! She regretted immediately and had a caffeine 'shock' afterwards. Poor her...

We had dinner at this really nice Indian food place, Restoran Daun Pisang Sri Ananda Bahwan. Tess did all the ordering and it was so finger-licking good!!

Then we headed home with a exhausted body and sore ass.

Pictures courtesy of Nick Peter Photography


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