Someone Like You by Adele

Just a random blurt...

Usually when Hon and I drive around, we turn on the radio or listen to the CD or just silent everything up when we are in the mood of chatting.

When we started dating, I was in his car, and the radio was playing Adele's Someone Like You. I remember telling him about the lyrics, and how it is not possible to happen on me, although I do eventually found someone like Hon - the kind of love I have ever wished for.

Every breakup has a reason. I did found a good guy, but it just didn't work out. He finds his true love at last, and so do I, everyone moves on. And, despite how nice he is, I don't want to find someone like him (the nice ex).

Yada yada blah blah about love philosophy, but that's not the reason I want to write this post.

The true reason being, the song was not played once, or twice, but at least 7-8 times when we are in the car!!

Not Rolling in the Deep, not Skyfall, not Set Fire to the Rain, no no no. Everytime is Someone Like You!
OK lah there's one time Set Fire to the Rain.

So, now, everytime when we listen to the radio, and Someone Like You is played, I would be:"Aiks not again 又是这首歌!Adele有很多歌的嘛..."

-______- Hon would just laugh and say I'm sensitive towards the song...


No... I really don't...

我没有 -__- 真的没有

All in all, what does that mean??

It means, the radio has been repeating same songs far too much -_____-

Expand your song lists please dear radio!!


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