His Birthday

His birthday is conveniently landed on the International Women's Day; With his sampat kepochi personality, he fits in just fine.

I made the birthday boy Konnyaku jellies which turned out to be a little nasty as it melted! Fortunately it didn't spoil the taste.

I also sent him a very geli love letter via snail mail and he laughed and laughed and laughed after reading it!

Shien treated him/us lunch at Paradise Dynasty 乐天皇朝 in Paradigm Mall.

Then we head off to Brewmen Cafe at Solaris Mt Kiara for tea time. Their signature fusion style tea-coffee is very nice!

Note: We belong to the non-upload-to-FB fanatic clan, so no food pictures taken, or, should I say, immediately start eating after food is served instead of take pictures first muahaha!

Made a reservation at Bistro Richard for the night. It was supposed to be a surprise but I spoil it as I talked way too much =/

The restaurant is located beside Kuala Lumpur Performance Art Centre (KLPAC). We were a little uncertain about the location as the road going into the place is secluded and empty, until we saw a huge artistry building, a very huge KLPAC sign, and there it was the Bistro Richard sign on the wall.

The minute we stepped foot into the restaurant, we were immediately impressed. The setting is small and homey, the ambiance is awesome, the romantic feeling is maximum! It is a very nice place for a fine dining date, girls night out dinner etc. However, as the restaurant is small, it can be noisy when there's other bigger group of guests.

We ordered escargot as our starter.

It was my first time having an escargot, quite a nice experience, yet I find kam heong balitong is better haha!

We ordered Coq Au Vin and oven baked lamb rack as our main.
Coq Au Vin

Oven baked lamb rack
The portion seems small but it is very full-filling, especially the Coq Au Vin. Two large chicken breasts were damn lot! Taste wise, knife and fork licking good! :)

As for dessert, we had creme brulee.

We ordered a Long Island for our alcoholic bit of the evening. I know a cocktail is considered a sissy alcoholic drink, but I still got tipsy after drinking that! LOL! Another reason why Hon doesn't allow me drink without him around. My alcohol level suck MAX haha!

We had a wonderful night, with me tipsy with a red face and white nose (literally), we talked about everything - past, present and future.

The restaurant is highly recommended for fine dining and relax dinner, price is reasonable except the ice water. It is charged RM1 per glass =.= This RM1 ice water made us mark this place in our 'can only get second chance after soooooome time' list.

We took a brief tour in the KLPAC to see what's in it after dinner, and headed home.


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