For The Love of (Harumanis) Mango 为芒果疯狂

If you don't know him already, Hon sometimes can be quite crazy when it comes to things he likes. This time, just because he heard from my uni friends about the famous Harumanis mango in Perlis, and I told him about the mango Theresa bought last week, and now entering the season, and note that he is a HUGE fan of mango (besides durian etc etc etc), he drove 500km up North for the first hand taste of the Harumanis.

Early morning, after breakfast, we went (me revisited) to the Harumanis Mango Farm at Sungai Batu Pahat. Unfortunately, we were informed by the staff at this farm that there is NO mango available for us the visitors to purchase as their 'booking' is full for April and May!! We need to check back for June's stock!! Disappointed, we satisfied our urge at the cafeteria. RM5.50 for a plate of Harumanis or pulut mangga, and RM2.50 for fresh mango juice. We had three plates of Harumanis (which is not even 1kg of the real fruit -___- )

Anyway, there's a silver lining. The staff informed us that there is another place to try our luck of buying Harumanis -- Kompleks Pertanian Bukit Temiang, located at Beseri. 

Found the place, found the fruit! Yay!! However, unfortunately the box packaging of 3kg (the box lah mainly) is out of stock, so we can only purchase the mango at RM25/kg. Yup, you read me right, RM25 per freaking kg! Hon bought 5 pieces and it's already 2kg, RM-freaking-50 for 5 mangoes!

On the way back to Kangar, we stopped at the roadside fruit stall --rather large scale one, look promising and believable -- to check on the prices. Their Harumanis is out of stock, but the price is fixed at RM20/kg. Hon bought two of those RM10-for-3kg 'commoner' mango for comparison LOL.

'Commoner', bigger and cheaper
The Noble Harumanis, smaller, fatter, very pricey
 Honestly, if you ask me, there's no much difference on the taste. YES, for the noble Harumanis, the texture is smoother, compact with utmost sweetness and niceness, but when it comes to price, it just doesn't really worth it -- unless when it gets cheaper, or it's a treat!! Lalala~~


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