Cooking with Microwave - I burnt the Potato!

Lately I've been very enthusiastically excited about cooking with microwave, partly because Hon bought me the microwave rice cooker ware that I've been wanted for some time.

Very handy
Microwave is not the kitchen essential in Malaysia, or at least that's what I see/hear. Most people don't have microwave in their house, or if they do have, they don't/dislike use it. Microwave is not really a culture in our country. I have hard time finding the microwave safe dish because they don't have it everywhere.

Although I was excited, it's not like I sekali bagi kaw kaw present a 6-dishes meal in one shot though... I take one baby step at a time and start with seemingly the easiest thing to cook - pasta.

I bought two packets of the San Remo La Pasta - Alfredo and Macaroni Cheese, and one packet is enough for 2 servings instead of 4 as mentioned on the packet.

Then I attempted to cook rice with it.

First attempt was cooking tomato rice, and it kinda failed because I only put one tomato and it was too little for half cup of rice.

This one I already add tomato puree, that's why so orange-y the color lol
For the past two days I cooked pasta for breakfast and baked potato as side dishes. First attempt of the baked potato was successful two weekends ago so I thought no biggie lah.

Please refer here for recipe. Sorry it's in Mandarin, do let me know if you need translation.

This time around, not only once, I burnt the potato two days in a row!!

It didn't explode, but the bottom part got burnt chao hui da like when you put the potato in a boiling oil for too long.

No pictures coz I was too freaked out quickly get rid of the burnt potato and the smell LOL.

I have one more potato left now. Let's see if I have mood to cook breakfast again tomorrow I test the potato one more time haha! Let's hope I success coz I really craze for a good ol' baked potato!


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