(A Rather Disappointing) Watsons Move Your Body Zumba Party 2015

As per title...

The promoting was pretty aggressive, but the price of RM35 did scare me off a little, until one weekend the price was dropped down to RM10 - which was literally free anyway as we get a RM10 Watsons voucher and the shirt was literally free!

We went on Saturday for girls' day out aka shopping.

Carbo-loading the day before
 As on the ticket (and certificate we received during registration), the time stated was 6am and the registration started at the ungodly 5.30am. Yikes I love fitness but I don't love the morning events.

See? Stated there 6am
So we went at around 5.45am, registered and got a goodies bag - a literal goodies bag coz there's a lot of goodies in the bag hehehe! There were also booths set up by participating sponsors, which had games and contests and goodies to be won, so there's a long queue in each and every booth.

We waited and waited and waited along with the crowd but there wasn't any sign of the party gonna start any time soon. Plus they invited Jack Lam Tack Weng 林德荣 from MY FM as one of the MC (another one is Jeff Chan Hou Yin 陈浩然) who I loathed, so it was all boring boring boring.

About 7-ish and they still didn't want to start
 ... then they said there's a hot air balloon at the back and I was like "just start the damn party already lah!!"
...but must wefie first LOL
 ... and they just had to take a ride on the hot air balloon, and asked us to watch them and snapped a picture of them while mid-air, and came back down and walked to the stage to host again.

Oh My Effing God!

"Hey we're up here!! See us wave!! Come come take picture!!"
Go jiak sai can?
 Then they announced the arrival of Tuan Lim Guan Eng, The Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang and invited him onstage for a few words.

(OH so that's why you started late huh... Hmph!!)

From Watsons page - the ridonkulous wefie
The party 'officially' started at 8am which was 2 hours late OMGGGG!!! We literally waited until sun rise!!

Worst - the songs were boring. It was a Salsa fest and most songs were too slow. I knew I shouldn't but I kept comparing this with the Score Fitmob Zumba last January in KL but they were nowhere near that party. Both me and Theresa went to the latter and we both agreed. They kept saying this was to set a record in Malaysia Book of Records for the largest participation in Zumba but we didn't quite see it though. Yeah there was a crowd, but as the time went by, less and less people were on the dance floor, most were queuing up for the merchandises and some people leaving too.

They get it anyway so OK lah lol
We were bored at a time so we lepak around the booths section near the registration booth, until we heard the staffs shouted "FREE GOODIES BAGS!!!" so went to grab a bunch of them hahaha! Awhile later maybe they realized we were too much (haha guilty as charge), they only gave out one bag per person LOL.

This is only 1/3 of everything we grabbed haha!
Thanks to all these participating sponsors!
We didn't even wait until the party finished, we just went off. We headed to Sri Ananda Bahwan for breakfast yum yum! See, stupid event, made us wake up so early with empty stomach hmph!

Tosai & Lassi yum yum!
 Despite all the unhappiness, at least it was practically free and we get a lot of goodies. So, plus minus still OK lah, but no next time~~~


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