Perlis Marathon 2015 - 10km

I joined Perlis Marathon last Sunday, 10km category.

It was my first running event (OK I joined school's merentas desa "cross outskirt" in secondary school some 14 years ago) and OMG damn nervous!!

There's few categories in this marathon: 5km, 10km and 21km.
Since it's the "first" (some said second), they played safe and started with half marathon this year. Next year they will put in full marathon. However, they managed to pull in luxurious sponsorship too, RM11,000 for 21km winner, RM8,000 for 10km winner, and the lucky draw grand prize a Kia Cerato KX 1.6!!! (won by a politeknik lecturer who joined the 5km run)

As a beginner in running event (and I'm not really a running person), 5km was a safer option, but too bad the starting time was 10am!! We would die of heatstroke before we reach the first water station I suppose under Perlis sun. So all of us (me, Johnson and FH) decided on 10km which started at 9am. We quickly Early-Bird registered and never visit the website again...

...until recently when the online payment thingy was up. There, they changed the starting time, 10km started at 7.30am and 5km at 9am, which was more reasonable.

Before run
Fook and his gf CC joined too, but CC had an emergency last minute and had to go home.

The minute we went out from my house, we saw a bunch of Kenyans walking towards the stadium. There and then we said:"Damn no hope already... These Kenyans gonna grab all the prizes..."

According to Endomondo, my distance was 11.21km in 1hr:32min.
My official result is 01:29:52, 5km mark 00:41:02, pace 8.59min/km

Damn those Kenyans, I reached 5km mark they already at finish line. DAM!

In our small little group, FH arrived first, followed by Fook, me then lastly Johnson haha! He owes us a KFC treat!!


Earned a scornful look when flexing my bicep

When we were resting by the flag polls, Raja Muda came over to say hi and shake hands. I wanted to hug him!!! Muahaha!

Pic with the Raja Muda - me camerawoman not inside
I had some funny feeling on my foot/ankle so I visited the medical base camp. Turned out my old injury came back, and my ankle was swollen. The doc quickly put an ice pack on it and asked me to R.I.C.E. - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Hon came to fetch me home. I didn't wait for the lucky draw while Fook and FH waited.

Overall, not so bad lah~ I yelled "I don't want to do this anymore" after the run, but a day after the event, I think I can join another run again hahaha!


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