Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup UniMAP 2015

This happened few weekends ago.

I joined the 'almost' same event last year, and this time, Siew Ching cancelled the Women's Double and decided on the Mixed Double category instead.

When I got the news, I asked around for a partner until Faiq, a buddy whom I played badminton with in Kuala Perlis asked if I'm interested to partner up. Of course I am!! ^^

The tournament was on Sunday, and I started to feel some tingling pain on my right elbow, my dominant hand, during a badminton session on Wed. I suspect it was a 'Tennis Elbow' injury that I got from intensive training (which is not so intensive anyway) - which turns out it was probably from the heavy lifting on Tues in the gym, I lifted heavier than I usually did that day and my forearm swayed.

I went to UniMAP clinic to get the letter for physiotherapy session, received some treatment along with a hotpack and rested since then.

The tournament started at 1pm. It was a lot more fun as compared to last year's as I got so many friends there now LOL.

I helped out being umpire. Went over the place to chit chat and joke around, waving, 'yo' and fist-bump, finally feel young again haha! Note that most of them are at least 6 years younger than me.

Anyway, the elbow pain came, it hurts so bad that I couldn't do much but to put on plenty of counterpains and played. It was like the most inconvenient injury ever because even gripping the racket made my elbow hurt, let alone backhand and smash. OK maybe smash not so much but drive! (This 'Drive') OMG it hurts so freaking much. Only then I realized, a lot of the daily tasks use the connecting muscle in our elbow, that when the injury is on the elbow, it is SO inconvenient!

Then again, the stupid court fright LOL, especially partnering up with Faiq, I feel like I made more mistakes than ever!

We ended up with a third place. =/

Third place gets a racket string and grip
I try to be humble but honestly, we could go further if not of those stupid mistakes I made. I was still OK until after I asked about the amount of cash for first and second place (yeah, this year has cash prizes). Faiq was frustrated so he had his fair share of complaining, and I was in self-blame mode until eventually Faiq asked me not to blame myself too much haha!

My partner, Faiq (in blue) standing next to me
All in all, it was a fun day to get together and hang out with the fellow IMTGT gang again. Not to forget, to check out cute young guys too HAHAHA!! Me 老牛 was super excited that day.

...and the consequence:

Elbow hurts like hell the next day, straightaway went to physiotherapy in the morning - cold pack!


Aini Shah said…
Hi Huey Nee Lim, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)

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