*passing by*

Felt so blank lately, summore most of the comments i received is dono-what link that might lead me to virus, so i feel kek sim and write in this post.

1st thing that i kek sim about is my new instrumentation lecturer, Dr Rizon. Juju and the gang once warned me about this renowned Prof, and at first i thought he is nothing worse than those beh-hiao-gah-chek (dono-how-to-teach) lecturers (So unfortunate that we have one who is in that category last sem). Until the first day he stepped in our class, I m so seriously terribly stupiditically geniusilly beh-tahanly wrong!

1. He was late (They said:"他是酱了的")
2. He asked us to look at the notes, and didn't flip until end of the class (cuz he was discussing on changing the class from morning class to evening or night class)
3. Middle of the session, he leave the class without any warning, then they said:"他应该是去厕所瓜。。 以前都是酱的"

... ... ... ... Totally speechless... ... ... ...

Finally I get to see a typical 学历死北高 uni lecturer with a typical uni lecturer attitude (lazy, late, and hardly focus on lectures).

On his first day of lecture, JuJu, JiaLin and PeiSia were so happy seeing me 烧焦 in anger...
On his second day of lecture, I almost poke his azzhole with test pen coz he aimed his beautiful azz towards me and i beh tahan jor.. Yet, three of them were so happy... again...
On his third day of lecture, lil improvement: he brought lappie. Three of them didn't attend the class, JuJu told me via sms that even if he bring lappie oso doesn't mean it's a very good improvement. And she was so totally right.
He on and off the lappie dozens of time coz connection problem with the projector, even asked Alam Sekitar's technicians to troubleshoot the problem yet unsolved. So, we ended up....

*like KINDY*

We were to gather and squeeze in front of the lappie to look at the powerpoint while he continue his 'so-called' lectures... U know loh, how big will a typical hp compaq LCD screen can be.. About 20-30 perople squeeze and peeing at the screen... *awesome*

Lagi mempersiasuikan is he is oghe kok lanah!!! 炸倒

2nd thing is i did badly in my math test 2 last night. *sedih*

3rd thing is

It was once green stripe..

and then hor....... It turns out to be......


(self potrait in front of mirror failed~ muahahahah)
*Learning Won-Hyo now*

Random pictar time:

^ Wanfa in da cup! (micro-p test mode on underneath)

^ Cola potrait

^ The b-day present that i still dono how to fully utilize... :paiseh:

^ Look at the oil lah~ beh tahan nia...


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