Industrial Visit to Ambu, Penang

On 29th Feb(yesterday), we have a industrial visit to Ambu, Penang. It is actually a compulsory programme set by the uni called IndEx (Industrial Exposure). I got titbits beh song coz our class is divided into 2 groups: 1st group (the matriks & stpm gangs) visit B Braun and us visiting Ambu... ARGH!! Fyi, B Braun is a very big company which produce alots of medical equipments available in the market, while until yesterday, only i realise that Ambu is also a renowned medical company which produce electrodes and the AMBU bag!! (b4 this we was like:"huh!? Ambu?! ape itu?! tak aci la diorang pergi b braun tapi kita pergi ambu :( )

The appointment was set on 3pm. We departed from Perlis on 10am, and reached Penang at about 1pm. Having our lunch at Bayan Lepas while waiting for the guys who went for their sembahyang jumaat.

We got lost inside the industrial park area when on our way to Ambu, coz that area is a typical kawasan industri -- Lotz of companies and factories all over the places.

Upon arrival, we're greeted by the production manager, Mr Sonny Goh. Quite leng zai :blush:
then went to the Ambu Academy room for briefing about the company and the products.

^ Ambu Bag

^ Various types of electrodes
top: Blue sensor - the typical ECG electrodes (tried it b4 when still working with akrab)
middle: White sensor and Neuroline electrode - neuroline are used in neurology division
Buttom: Neuroline Inoject - electrode used in Botox injection

^ Training Manikins! Most of the manikins are used in CPR and defibrillation training. The head-and-lung-only manikin is used for respiratory training(not sure about the term), as it trains the user on how to use the Ambu bag (and i never wonder that out lung is actually 'that' small :sweat: ). Miss Ooi giggles when she saw me enthusiastically playing with the Ambu Baby. Muahahaha... fyi, the manikin baby is actually quite heavy~~

Then Mr Goh took a tour of the production of electrodes (Ambu Penang makes electrodes only, other Ambu products are made in Denmark and some in China).

On 5pm, we cabut. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to gai2 in Penang coz Miss Ooi insisted that we need to arrive Perlis by 8 (although we late anyway). So I slept all my way back to Perlis, except stopby for dinner and pang-gio-pang-sai time.

Tonight, I'll have my Taekwando grading. Wish me luck!


^ V-present from Mr. LiCiCi. I didn't get anything for him yet, bet he is totally very the upset.

^ CNY family photo. Mr. Lim retire liao loh~~~ Will celebrate his birthday and retirement next week (Im going back kb, to bear responsibility as voter.. Keke~)

My Insaniquarium! Still fighting for more shells~


Anonymous said…
A SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPER TOOLS? It was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in ypour field.
Anonymous said…
great experience, dude! thanks for this great

Articles wow... it's very wonderful report.

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