I hate BiG eVenT


I hate it when there's big event going on, and i'm coming back KayBee (such as raya, and this superb event of the year - THE ELECTION). During this moment, loads of loads of loads of 'foreign' vehicles are oozing into the town, which cause the town suddenly packed with CARS!! Ggrrrrrrrr~~~

so, instead of driving into town, i would rather ride motor... unless something really so desperate that i really NEED to drive in there (eg: raining lor~~)

ok lar... let's talk about something positive first. I vote for the first time!!! HAHA!! Well, it's not really so that special like what i thought earlier, anyway, there goes my first time...

Next, about the *f* part.

All of us (FaMa, sis n i) went to vote early in the morning, then we were told by the MCA ppl that we can claim so-called transportation fee at siong hui (中华总商会). So after settling my car's road tax etc, we had our breakfast at an indian shop opposite siong hui and headed to take $$. yea right i thought it was that easy... mana zai~~~~

After registering or sort, we were told to go to UMNO office at padang bank to take money, so we went there by bas sekolah supplied by them. Mana zai when we were there, we were told by an annoymous guy (wearing BN shirt) that it's not here, it's at the other side of the office nearby there. We went there, and again we saw a notice, written on a manila card, that the $$$ can be claimed at office at Jalan Sri Cemerlang there. WALIAU!!!! beh song jor...

Afterwards, we went back to siong hui. FaMa asked me n jie go to granpa's house first. We waited and took lunch, then headed back home.

After taking an evening nap, I went out for some shoppping. The day aint looking so 'bluey', I drove out - AND I AM SO DAMN DISAPPOINTED OF MAKING THAT DECISION!!

I drove to KB Mall, the town was full of cars and people. A malay chick honked at me when I tried to potong her lane - and it's not a short honk (YEa lar!!! cik mek!!! u want to go then go lar, apesal jalan ke tepi sangat!?), and her car plate is AFY (A!! outstation plate!)

Everything still went fine until I decided to go to Pustaka Seri Intan 2 at Jalan Kebun Sultan. That road is always jam, not weird. What make me frustrated like hell is - !!! I was trying to turn to the small lorong beside the 药材店, to park there and i walk to PSI. The road is busy, so i wait in the middle of the road for my turn to turn, putting on signal TikTakTikTak of course. Then there was that JILAKAT wira!!! when there's finally a small gap among the cars, i tried to turn, then that JILAKAT wira suddenly press oil and forward to close the gap!!!!! JILAKATTTTT!! Luckily I didn't press oil that hard, abo ter-kiss his car lagi JILAKATTTTTT!!! Then summore he even stare at me as if "Ah moi, demo nok gocoh ko!? Ni jale kawe!!" His wife seemed sorry. Boh bian lor, I was so sien jor, I gave him a big sigh (a really BIG one) and I drove back home.

Picture time:

^ This is snapped from NanYangSiangPau DongHaiAn.

^ This is the real thing. With lights tim. (wondering where they get so many budget to do all those stuffs)

^ Snapped by Chen using SanJie's SE S500.

^ WAHAHHAHAHAH!! Hunted down by 姑姑们!!!!


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