Movies I watched

1. Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

"I am Nanny McPhee, small c, big P."
"when you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go"
"the person you need is Nanny McPhee."

It is quite an entertaining movie, and a little funny here and there. It's like watching Mary Poppins, but with an ugly nanny, 2 spoiled city kids, 3 active country kids, and one mother.

The cutest part for me would be the bed time, when the kids wished they would rather sleep with cow, goat and pig (correct me if I'm wrong) than share their bed with the city kids, and the animals going up stairs. However, the piglet's synchronized swimming was a little too CGI.

One thing that was not 交代清楚 in the movie was why did Nanny McPhee need to teach 5 lessons to the kids, and why did the ugly part of her face disappear when one lesson was taught. The almighty Wikipedia came for rescue!!

Nanny McPhee's five lessons

In addition to emphasizing discipline, manners and accepting the consequences of one's actions, Nanny McPhee has five very important base lessons to teach — each of which correspond to her various unattractive physical attributes: grey hair, lumpy figure, large droopy earlobes, two large moles, a unibrow, a large, bulbous nose, and a snaggle-tooth protruding over her bottom lip, all of which give her the appearance of a stereotypical witch. Nanny McPhee is as ugly as the children are naughty, so whenever a lesson is learned, at least one of her disfigurements vanishes. When all five lessons are learned, Nanny McPhee transforms from ugly and old to young and beautiful. According to one of the special bonus features, her weight gradually goes away, with it completely vanishing once they learn their fifth lesson.

  • First lesson - To go to bed when they are told (and say please) - Hair goes from grey to brown
  • Second lesson - To get up when they are told - Higher Wart disappears
  • Third lesson - To get dressed when they are told - Lower Wart disappears
  • Fourth lesson - To listen (and say thank you) - Unibrow disappears, hair turns blonder & wavy, droopy earlobes disappear, complextion improves.
  • Fifth lesson - To do as they are told - Nose no longer bulbous & the snaggle tooth disappears
OOOOooOOoOooOoo... Now I know...

I didn't recognize Emma Thompson at first, although she looks familiar. After search through the internet only me and LHC spurted a long 'OOoooo'. She is the Prime Minister's sister in the movie 'Love Actually'!!

2. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Cool movie. Smooth, short, straight to the point.

The pace of this movie was quite fast that I surprised when it's over! Seriously! Kept on checking the time line through the movie... However, it's fast pace, yet enough to send the message. 全部剧情都稍微蜻蜓点水,也都恰到好处...

The part when Darren bidding his farewell to his family before faking his death and become Larten's assistant was quite simple and short though, the feeling wasn't deep enough to make us feel like he was actually going to leave everything (his family and friends) to become vampire! That's the only part that I'm not convinced enough...

Adores John C. Riley's performance in this movie so much! Simply marvelous!

3. Ip Man 2

Since I was such a big fan of the first Ip Man, how possible is it for me to miss its sequel?

In fact, I won the premier tickets from nuffnang too! Too bad, I wasn't able to attend, so have to give it up. Sigh~ However.....

Compared to the first movie, this sequel has a stronger commercial smell. He defeated Japanese in the previous one, and angmoh in this one. The story line was ok, still fun, and I love the most when he whacked the ang moh with Chinese kungfu and the head punches!! Too bad, no '打十个' this time.

And, comparing his opponent, the Japanese general was a bit more mature and steady compared to the harsh and chulu angmoh. The part where hong jing bao fight with the angmoh was awesome too, especially when he said 'I can tolerate if it's only my life, but not if it's the entire Chinese martial art world!', godlike yeng!

I am looking for the music OST, anyone know what the title is? The one at the very beginning and the end of the movie.

4. The Legend is Born: Ip Man

On our way to KL from Perlis, Tino asked if we want to catch a movie later that night. This one. I said yes.

As per warned by my own opinion, 'Ip Man' who is NOT Donnie Yen might not as better as the one he is. I went in the cinema with that thought, and came out with the same thought.

Yup, it was good, but not as good as the previous 'Ip Man's. Honestly, and sorry for 杜宇航,黄弈 etc, Ip Man without Donnie Yen and Wilson Yip (the former Ip Man director), is like a movie without it's spirit.

First off, I personally think 杜宇航 Dennis To was less attractive than Donnie Yen. Yes my bad, comparing an amateur and novice actor.

Second, 张永成 Cheung Wing-sing, Ip Man's wife, was a little too sweet and girly in this movie. YES, my bad again, comparing a young girl and a mature lady.

Anyway, I like 樊少皇 Fan Siu-wong's character this time! He is tough enough as Jin Shanzhao, and wicked enough to be the Japanese spy! Love it!

5. 9 Temples

As much as I like Thai horror movies, this isn't to my liking. The reason is because I don't understand what is it about!! :( I think this is the very first Thai movie that I don't understand the story...

It tells a story about a man's journey of visiting 9 temples to correct his bad karma, as told by his mother. Because of the conflict between the characters, I ended up don't know who actually is the one having the bad karma, and who is who in their past lives. So confusing!

Let me get this straight. Sujitto, the monk is the actual son; Nat is the adopted one and has nothing to do with the past lives thing; the girlfriend, Poon, on the other hand, is the poor, facially disfigured boy who was locked in a hut and god knows how did he die; the mother is the evil mother in the past lives who having an affair with a guy, witnessed by her own son, locked him in a hut after the boy knocked him down the roof and committed suicide into the well.

So. Who is the one who has the bad karma in the first place? Why did the monk say the bad karma will transfer to the other person? Does that mean the boy in the past lives wasn't either Poon or Nat? The mother asked Nat to visit 9 temples, is actually for the sake of Sujitto right?

Haih I don't know lah... I felt so depressed for unable to understand this movie :(

6. Toy Story 3

I have a story to tell for this movie, so I would tell it in a new post :)


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