BHPetrol RaceAce3 Challenge Final

Went to The Curve last weekend for this event:

Actually, all I did was taking a picture with the race ace board at the BHP station and Tino Lim did the rest, which was making us the top ten winner of the particular week.

Each week, BHP would select the top ten winners and this went on for the following ten weeks. The top ten winners of each week stand a chance to compete in the grand final.

The initial finalist competition was racing in go-kart circuit, but maybe because of budget problem, it ended up competing in the virtual racing track, which was less shiok. :(

Out of 100 finalists, 47 attended. And as we thought it might take lesser time for everything, they tend to drag it. -___-

My dad, me, Tino and her BF happened to be in the same team in the first round. Anyway, we were not competing with each other but to beat our own best time.

^Us getting ready

^"Uncle, you just need to steer the steering wheel and use the accelerator and brake. Don't push any button or else you'll be disqualified nah."

Funny enough, I never thought this was how we look like when we're racing. Haha!

^OMG 1

^OMG 2

The key action in the race was DRIFTING! But I couldn't do any of it nicely :(

^Next, YHG

^And, finally, Yin jie

After the first round, lunch break proceeded. The result for the second round was out an hour later.

^Four of us were in the second round! :)

It must because 47 people turned up. Or else, shadow also cannot see in second round liao. Haha!

^First round OUT!

Anyway, luck wasn't at our side either. Different track were used and it was far more difficult than the first round's. We were out at second round.

^Second round OUT!

Some highlight of the day:

^The BHP girls

^Sony modified sport car

^The goodies bag!

On the following day and Sunday, we went for movies and Karaoke. Watched 'The Legend is Born: Ip Man', '9 Temples' and 'Toy Story 3'!! Will further discuss about it in 'Movie I Watched' section.

^Nice BKT in Wangsa Maju. Slurppp!!

Random Story Time:


....committed suicide at his house a week ago.

His name is Park Yong-Ha 朴龙河, a Korean actor who I adore so much because of his sunny smile and his character in 'On Air'.

I still can't believe that he would choose such way to 'relieve' himself from the unfortunate things he had. Sigh.

Your smile will always in my heart. Rest in peace. :(


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