Muhibah Cake House Promotion Day

Today is the day =) Yum yum!

Muhibah Cake House is biggest cake house and bakery shop in Kota Bharu, or so I thought. Every year, they will have this kind of promotion day, 3-4 times annually. During this day, the selected cakes will be on a huge sale where most of the people gone crazy about!

^The yum tum variety of cakes!!

And, since I'm at home now, mum agreed to buy some (got people to sapu the sampah...).


Left - Tiramisu Deluxe; Right - German Blackforest; Middle - Cheese cake

Anyway, I was a little regret to choose these cakes though. The tiramisu is too sweet, the cheese cake is not cheesy enough, the blackforest is slightly better than other two.

Should have take the fruit cake instead! -___-

Sigh, gain more weight liao :(


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