First Week

It's been a week now ever since I came back for my MSc./PhD.

Everything seems the same, and not similar in the same time. I found it quite odd to stay in a rented room instead of hostel in Perlis. It's just me lah because I've been staying in hostel in Kuala Perlis for 3 years, then suddenly moving out of there and staying in a new place (Kangar). Hence I need to re-look for place to eat, place to buy stuffs etc.

The room I rented is huge, I think it's possible to stuck in three people! Hehe... Of course I don't try to do that 'yet', comfortness is the first priority! Too bad the house doesn't have Internet connection, and Maxis BB sucks! :(

On the first day, Prof stated that it's best 'if' I come to the cluster everyday from 8am til at least 6pm, and so that I did for the past week. Two days for the MSc, then the stupid assignment came along. I don't want to explain the 'stupidity' of the assignment here (a friend said I was ungrateful!!), so siapa yang terlibat, paham2 je la ye. Luckily I was in time to submit the scholarship application, just pray hard and cross my finger it get through for interview. It's a 100%-hit scholarship for students under Prof, so I MUST NOT be the first one to fail! Please!!

The days in cluster is good. The people is nice and friendly, it's me that is awkward and shy. Funny thing is, I was 'Lim' in undergraduate, and now I am 'Huey Nee' in postgraduate. Haha! Thanks to prof, he 'scolded' everyone who tries to call me 'Lim', because that's my surname! Wow! Prof is the first or second lecturer in UniMAP who call me by my name, awesome... :) Finally, I am my name instead of family name! Haha!

On the last weekend, after struggling for the scholarship application, my nerve twitched and I drove to Alor Star alone to get some home furnishing stuffs. Then, it twitched again and I drove to Jitra to watch Inception (because all cinemas in AS don't have it).

Final word: so far so good. :)


dissertation said…
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su natasha said…
Hehe.. should call u huey nee liao, starting from now on.. kuikuii...
Good to hear, u getting back ur strength =)

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