Second Week

I left out one part of story in the First Week post, and I think it is rather suitable to be written in the second week post during the convocation robe collection period.

Ever since I came back to Perlis, I've met a handful of people I know, and all of them saw me like they apparently saw a ghost. Seriously.

They saw me into the eyes, 四目相望, their pupils dilate, points their finger towards the smiley-face me and say:"What are you doing here?? You are supposed to be at UM or USM or some other place right?"

This happened for few times already last week, and continue to happen this week when I met friends during the collection of convocation robe. The action repeat each time I meet someone.

However, there's one million-dollar reaction that still keeps me LOL up until today. It is the very first and still the first silent version of the above conversation I had since I came back.

I bumped into few friends at the pasar malam last week, and stopped to chat with them. Then, I saw 'him'. He saw me too. I smiled at him, said Hi. He looked at me, closer this time with the skeptical expression, followed by unbelievable, disappointed, and skeptical again, and a speechless sigh. The only words said during the meeting was 'Yes, it's me.' and 'Let's have a talk in a later time nah.' And yes, both sentences were from me.

This is what I can interpret what is his mind saying from his expression:
1. Skeptical - "What the... Is that Lim? Why does she do here?? She supposed to be in UM or USM, doesn't she?"
2. Unbelievable - "OMG. It IS her! What the... No..."
3. Disappointed - "OMG, she decides to stay here for Master."
4. Skeptical - "No other place to go liao meh? Must it be UniMAP afterall???"
5. Speechless sigh - "Sigh...."

I can't blame him for being this frigid lah. I think he is the only person other than friends who know where did I apply for Master, what did I apply, my initial plan etc.



Can't imagine it is really the end liao.


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