Degree Convocation

Finally. 3 years of hardship, sweats, tears and pain has come to an end.
Finally. The reason I resigned 3 years ago, has bear a fruit of success.





My whole family came to Kangar for my Istiadat Konvokesyen. My FYP supervisor was there to witness our graduation. I am happy, contented, and satisfied.

Sometimes, when I am in the blank mode, the memories of the 3 years life come flashing and spinning in my mind. There's happy, pain, hatred, disappointment, glad, etc etc etc. All kinds of moods mingle in mind, heart and soul.

It is not any ordinary 3 years that I can easily compare with, neither my 3 years Diploma life, or any of the long years I've been through. This one is special.

I'm sorry for those who I offended intentionally and unintentionally, and you have my forgiveness for pissing me off.

Thanks to everyone who has 'pushed' and guided and led and helped me in getting this Degree. You're welcome to those who wants to thank me.

I am still not a better person, and trying to be one.

After all, it's life that has to go on.

I graduated.



Random pictah time:

^Because of the convocation album in FB, it's the very first time I had 100+ notification overnight...

^...thanks to L family's contribution ;)


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