Langkawi (081010-091010) - Thoughts

I've never had this kind of deep-into-the-heart feeling before whenever I went for a trip. There's few things happened within the island hopping event that leave me feeling really down.

1. Friends proclaim me a darn brave heroine, as if nothing can scare me off. This statement was literally proven when I was robbed in SS2, and now this.

Sometimes ago, I was told the monkeys in Pulau Dayang Bunting are dangerous, not in the sense of physically assault human, but rather snatch bags for food and stuffs.

^The main point of their behavior is they are not scared of human.

7 girls were on the same boat for the event. Before we leaving the boat to the island, the brother of the boat advised the girls at least 3 times about the monkeys' behavior as the girls brought along a lot of food. Yet, as the girls planned to go for a swim, they carried along their bags of clothes and stuffs. The worse part was, they were using the recycle cloth bags rather than a backpack or bags that look nothing like a food bag.

The beginning part was OK, fun actually. After having some fun by the lake and about time the boat came to pick us up for the next spot, we headed back to the mini port.

On the way, something shocking happened. I noticed a monkey was trying to grab a bag of one of the girls as we waited by the stairs. The minute the girl N spotted the monkey, she freaked and tossed the bag onto the floor. I tried to chase away the monkey and successfully grabbed the bag up the floor and gave it back to N, which along the way I saw a can of Pringles in the bag.

Well, that SFF obviously resented my act, and quickly grabbed another bag which one of the girls put on the floor (?!), reaching in, grabbed something from inside the bag and ran few steps away from the bag.

To the horror, the item the SFF grabbed was one of the girls' wallet and it was biting is, all of us was shocked. I shouted to the girls to toss some food to the monkey to extract attention, but N was so shocked, she couldn't move at all, not to mention to offer the Pringles to the monkey.

Seconds later, M tossed her cigarette to the monkey. The monkey was distracted and move towards the cigarette, while I quickly crossed the stair bar to pick up the wallet. Everyone cheered for my heroic act while M pissed about her cigarette.

The moral of the story:
1) The bigger the size of a human doesn't make him/her a brave-r person.
2) Whenever you're in a critical situation like this one, everyone will freak out but you really need to calm yourselves down as panic doesn't help at all in this situation.
3) Don't bring food to Pulau Dayang Bunting, EVER! Unless it is kept in a closed backpack.


2. I have this quote of mine that says:"有人的地方就会有污染", which means whenever there's human being, pollution will come along with them. It especially fit for the tourist attraction places.

After Pulau Dayang Bunting, we went to a new place recommended by the brother for some fish feeding, fish and turtle touching, with an extra RM10. The moment I stepped on the man-made floated fish farm, I seriously regretted.

The condition of the water suck to the max, the environment of the fish suck to the max, I could almost feel how miserable the animals were, living in hell of a tourist attraction.

^Just look at the rubbish gathered in the pond

As we moved along, my heart shattered to see how the animals survive in such condition.

^This fellow almost making me cry

It was some kind of a shark, but a gentle one. It stays alone in its compartment, but the water condition was nothing better than the rest. At this point, I was already moodless to walk around the place.

^As if it begs to get away from there...

The last part was the most devastating for me. It should have been the first as it was the first pond after the entrance.


Few turtles live in this single pond. They offered a turtle hugging service for tourists, so when we asked for one, the worker used bread to lure the obviously smallest one of all. I bet the small turtle can sense the uneasiness of being dragged out of water again, so it swam away. It took the worker a long time to finally feed the bread and quickly grabbed it on shore.

I was totally heartbroken that I couldn't even touch the turtle.

^Just look at the water...

Sometimes I wonder, why I didn't choose zoology or environmental courses. Seeing the bad condition of environment especially where animals live breaks my heart. I admit I do contribute to the pollution as well.

Carbon footprint - I drive car almost everyday.
Noise pollution - I prefer using loud speaker than headphone.
Rubbish pollution - I still use plastic bags although I have dozens of recycle bags.

etc etc etc etc

I try to improve. I hope you do too.


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