Langkawi (081010 - 091010)

It's my second trip in this year, and about the fifth or sixth overall, but it's the very first time for the girls.

Plus, it's also the fastest trip deal I've made ever. Decision made within 5 minutes, 2 hours later, I was at the jetty waiting for the ferry already.

Being the lao da jie and the only one in the group who been to the island few times, I was assigned to be the tour guide, driver, nanny etc etc. It was rather a rushing trip, since we had a night and another day in the island, not to mention almost half of the day needed to be spared for the island hopping tour. So I was like a mother chicken chasing her baby chicks around the places to chase the time, hope the girls didn't hate me at the end of the day.

It was pretty late when we arrived Langkawi. Since everyone was hungry to the max, we had our first meal in Langkawi at a chinese restaurant in Kuah town.

^They served very nice dua bui mee aka hokkien mee!!

It's quite surprising to find that this is the first time the girls ate dua bui mee. Other than that, the service was okay, the food was slow to come to our table, the portion was small, and they're definitely overpriced.

After dinner, it's nearly the time to help close the shop (pun intended). So I brought the girls luring around the duty free shops to eye for their shopping items. The girls brought some alcoholic drinks for some fun time by the beach later.

We rented a motel along Pantai Cenang, one of the hottest tourist areas. The tide had risen at that night, covered almost 90% of the beach, so we couldn't have much fun that night.

^My first shopping, total of RM20 (the jacket costs Rm15, good bargain?)

The next morning, we headed to the beach at 6.30am (!) to see the sun rise. We were at the totally opposite side of the place where sun rises, so we had no luck for seeing sun rise, but the awesome morning beach was one thing thrilled me the most!

^The 'Langkawi Permata Kedah' is right behind the Underwater World.

Since we had the island hopping event to chase on by 1pm, we headed out our motel early in the morning to start circling part of the island.

^My breakfast - Tomato/Onion omelette & Nescafe Ice

Our first stop was the Perdana Quay, an awesome place to look at the vast ocean and parked yatchs and boats at the harbour.

^The angmoh was totally random! A perfect 'crime' between the angmoh and the camera girl (me) to take this million-dollar picture :)

Later, we went to the cable car to have a walk. Didn't have much time to go up the cable car, so it will be included in our next trip. (See, plan for next trip summore liao!! :p )

We rushed back to the motel, just enough time to take a bath, pack our stuff, check out and a limited time to have our lunch. Had some frustrated issue going on when we had our lunch at 'Hong Kong Lan Kuai Fong' right opposite the Underwater World.

The island hopping event was at 1pm. The speeding boat taking us around the island was indeed adrenaline-driven! It's like riding a motorbike without helmet in the rain!

Our first stop was Pulau Dayang Bunting.

^See the shape of the mountain?

It's like a pregnant lady laying down, thus there's a shape of nose, face, breast and pregnant tummy.

The lake within those mountains was quite awesome, the girls didn't like it that much though, but I enjoyed it.

^Must not miss the jump shoot!

Since we didn't plan to swim, the most we could feel the water was...

^dipping our feet in the water :)

There's some incidence happened when we heading to the island's harbor, there will be more stories after this post.

Next, we paid an extra RM10 to go to the so-called new tourist area on the ocean. I was truly devastated about this place and totally ruined my mood aftermath. More stories will be up next too.

The 'suppose-to-be' third spot of the island hopping was the eagle feeding activities. The man whose brought us around with his boat was supposed to throw some chicken skins into the ocean to attract the eagles. He did it though, but silently where left us all so speechless when out of nowhere a flock of eagles came dashing above the sea, and I only managed to grab a few seconds of video when all the eagles were almost gone again. -_____-

Our last stop was at a beach I forgot the name.

^Another jump shoot

^Nee's been here

After the trip, we rushed to Kuah town for some last minute shopping, then to the jetty and off we went back to our normal life...

^Sunset to call it a day

Lucky for us and me particularly!, we went to-fro Langkawi and Kuala Perlis with new ferry!! Cozy seats, wide space, much much better than the ones I used to sit.


adrainzzz said…
wahh.. ke langkawi lagi ya.... best3.. mee tu nmpk bestt ooo....
*~Huey Nee~* said…
@adrainzz, mee tu mmg sodap! Tapi tak halal... :p

@Marr, ok ok, nnt kita pergi plk ye~ ;)
su natasha said…
langkawi again meh?? waaa..
was planning to go langkawi too next year.. but still planning laa... which hotel u sleep? how much ea? cheap2 meh?hehehe...

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