Happy Birthday Blog Owner

Luckily the handsome housemate came back the night before, or else it's kinda creepy to stay home alone.

The day began normally. I woke up at 7.47am (exactly), getting ready, and off I went to research cluster.

I settled down, prepared breakfast, set up laptop, and began my usual breakfast drama meal. Replied the birthday wish sms. The internet connection was suck.

When the drama (was watching Castle season 2 episode 13) was about 10 minutes more to finish, a MSc buddy came over to sort of complain about the allowance forms we suppose to submit by today, but our supervisor was so late to give us any response.

Then, things got a little tension. We rushed here and there to settle the matter, only to find out that mine was no problem at all, but their problem was all over the place which to say that I AM a damn good liar. Haha!!

After everything was in place, it was noon. I went back home to grab some stuff and met the handsome housemate again. *blush*

After lunch, went back to research cluster only to find I was totally not in the mood of doing anything at all.

4.15pm, packed my stuff and went for swimming. Frustrated by the packed swimming pool, got up at 5.30pm and went back home.

7.15pm, went out again to hunt for food.


^Got myself my favvie Black Forest Cheese and ice blended green tea. =)

Spending the birthday night alone was pathetic enough, so...

^I decided to let Lee Hyo-ri, Yu Jae-suk and the Family Outing members to accompany me for the night. =)

Well, I was alone, but I'm still happy. Friends remembering my birthday, family wishes, I'm glad enough.

Happy 26th! ^^

Random pictah time:

On the way from Grik to Alor Star...

My camera was functioning alright, it's the power of mother nature!

It's totally like between heaven and earth!


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