Flash Flood in Kangar - Aftermath

This flood is reported as the worst ever in the history of Perlis, especially Kangar. Almost whole Kangar is soaked under the flood for about 3-4 days.

I managed to escape the flood the next day, by the time the flood invaded Seriab. It was horrible to see how terrible the condition was as we never imagine it could be this worse.

^See, the padi field behind the bus was like a river or lake already...

I intentionally decided to come back on Tuesday as to make sure the water is easing and I don't stuck somewhere in the middle of the journey, but this decision triggered a small quarrel between me and the aunty neighbor.


A short advertisement:

I have this particular aunty neighbor who has been extremely care about me. She called when she saw my car's still at home at 8.40am (as I usually off to cluster at 8.05am plus minus); she called when she saw me coming back at 11am or 4pm (which is quite odd timing for me to go home); she makes some extra jellies for me; she advised me that my clothes shrinks etc etc. Do you believe we once chatted on the phone for an hour although we are just 1 house apart??

Sometimes her way of talking is quite kepo and annoying, more than a mother would do (compared to my mom), but I granted it since her intention is good and she has 2 sons and no daughter, and the most important point is I layan saja.

She's been helping me a lot when the flood invaded Kangar, as I was all alone in the house. She called to make sure I keep my stuff higher, switch off the power supply (which I didn't), make sure I park my car at a safe place etc etc. In between she nagged about how irresponsible my landlady is as she went to Singapore for almost a month. She also 'reminded' my landlady to call me to check things out.

On Monday, she called to ask me when will I be back, as she saw my landlady cleaned up the house with the help of her brother's maid. She was furious (as I heard) when she knew I'll only go back on Tues, and said things like 'my landlady will not let you clean your room with water, she will only allow you to mop the floor, that's it'. Her way of saying this statement was like I can only clean the room by mopping and no other option.

**as some of you might know, flooded place has this kind of smelly mud odor that you must try your best to get rid of it, but definitely not by mopping the floor only.

!?, I got mad too so I eventually yelled back at her about the 'cruelty' of my landlady.

She was shocked that I got so angry, and explained that she was told so by my landlady herself. She SMS-ed saying that she wanted to be on site when I went back, to telly the same information shared in between. Good gracious! Dad said this will only trigger another cat fight nia when I showed him the sms.

In the end, nothing happened. She didn't even came to my house when she saw me cleaning up my stuffs. I didn't call her too as I think she crossed the line 管太多事了...

The moral of the story:
1. If your occupation is housewife, make sure your life is fulfilled with activities and stuffs.
2. Must know how to drive, at least bicycle or any transportation that you wouldn't have to depend on somebody else to go anywhere far.
3. Sometimes, just mind your own business.


I forgot to bring my camera the other night, so I could not show you the direct scene of tragic. Anyway, the plastic container was misplaced, the cheapskate plywood rack was spoiled, the lower plywood on TV table was soaked and damaged, my long mirror was soaked in the water too, leaving a thick layer of mud and I forgot to take that picture also -_-. Other than that, everything was alright, except the odor!

My collateral damages:

1. This 'kerusi rajin' was saved although I leave it as how it is right now before I left. Only the lower cushion was soaked.

2. This was given by the landlady, the plywood below was soaked and spoiled.

3. This wooden bed, once belonged to the aunty neighbor, is a tough piece of item. Only the legs were a little bloated, and my mattresses were saved.

4. This cheapskate wardrobe was tougher than I expected too. The lowest steels were a bit misshaped and the cloth was totally dry without smell!

5. This cheapskate wooden rack was damaged. The lower part was soaked and the files I put on the second tier was wet, but my certificate file was saved! Thank goodness!

And so, my properties were overall in save and dry condition.

The picture was not clear, but can you see how high the flood is INSIDE THE HOUSE??


The landlady and the handsome housemate were no luck. Both of them were not home at the time of accident, all of their stuffs were ruined especially the handsome as all of his stuffs were on the floor.

Sigh~ Never once flood occurred during the three years of Degree, and the worst flood ever at the beginning of my Master!? When I'm not staying in Kuala Perlis anymore?? Is that a sign for something?? Please don't demotivate me more.

Anyway, there's rumors saying the second wave will come. Deng~



tino said…
aunty neighbour kalu bo si 3 gu, tiuk si 6 po liao loh...

ane kesian handsome and owner aunty, li bo pecah bilik masuk tolong handsome kiuk tampok...
*~Huey Nee~* said…
aunty neighbor kalu bo si mad, tiok si crazy jugok... wu gao lat beh tahan gak ee :/

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