^Finally, Tesco Alor Star has fulfilled my cravings for Sushi!

I was satisfied, and full...

Craving for some particular food is not 'dangerous' and 'miserable' feeling to have, as long as it happens in the right place and at the right time.

Me, like a pregnant lady, often have this sudden urge for a particular food once a while. This time, it's Sushi.

People, who spent enough time staying in Perlis, is able to understand that this place is a more 'peaceful' and 'tranquil' place than they have ever imagined, which in other word --- BORING.

So, having such craving is indeed self-destructive (and a craving for McD too), because the nearest you can go to fulfill your craving is 45-minutes drive to Alor Star.

Not to mention cravings for food in XinJiang (ref1 & ref2), Kelantan (nasi dagang, 'cow jump' etc) and the list goes on... ... ...

This time around, I'm 满意, but I'm not sure how long the 满意 will last. Goodness... -_____-


Extra Pictah Time:

1. 1/6

Finally, 1/6 of the masterpiece is done. That's the groom's leg.

The next part is the bride's boobs and half of the groom's head.

And now I realise the project is really bigger than what I've imagined, but no regrets :))


2. Rainbow

^A rainbow across the sky the other day

It's the perfect and nice half circle rainbow across the bare, cloudless sky without any obstructions of tall buildings, trees etc, but too bad my camera has no wide angle lense and I couldn't capture everything into the camera, and the panorama effect of the rainbow was hideous and funny.

I often disappointed that I can't admire a beautiful sunset ever since I was no longer in Kampung Wai, and this came by, cherish me a little. :)


Jasmine * said…
Are you complaining about my boobs? That looks really good!!!!!I have to balas the same thing when you get married :) Rui was asking, "how many years will this take you?" hehehe
*~Huey Nee~* said…
No I'm not complaining~ :p it's just so 刚好 that the chart for next part is your boobs. haha!

If I rajin enough, maybe can complete middle of next year. Tell him this is the biggest project I've ever did ok? :)

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