Clean, Clean, Clean

My room doesn't smell muddy or badly after all. Thank goodness!

Shops and supermarkets have been stocking up Febreeze and other air freshener products on their shelves and yet some shops are still out-of-stock.

Anyway, I still need things that can me-wangi-kan my room, just in case out of sudden some awful odor wakens me in the middle of the night. When I put all my stuffs at the checkout, the cashier's mind might be thinking:"Another flood victim. Poor dear~"

Last weekend was all sweat and pain (muscle ache). There's some part when tears almost join the fun too. Thank god too, it was a bright sunny weekend, so I could clean all the mess and did my laundry.

Cleaning the floor mats and laying them was the toughest job of all. Cleaning it was easier, but laying them was a difficult task as I have one heavy furniture (the wooden bed frame) and few quite big size furnitures that I could not move out from the room.

Being a stubborn cow as I always am who don't want to menyusahkan orang lain, I put the mat all by myself. After spending about 2 hours on it, with sweat all over the body and almost cried (because it's dad's idea to clean and reuse the floor mat instead of buying a new one, and I was temporarily angry about it...), the outcome was quite satisfying. Never knew that the floor mat helped make the room visually bigger.

Aunty landlady was impressed too. She wanted to lend me a hand and within one morning, I was done. Hehe~ I'm quite proud of myself too, right until I saw the size of my arms and shoulder on the mirror, I immediately regretted it. There's no one to blame for the big ass arms, it's all my own fault :(

Some minor commercial time though...


Continuation from the aunty neighbor issue:

After the mud-cleaning issue, I haven't speak or talk to aunty neighbor yet. It even feels awkward to greet each other (maybe on my side lah... I don't know about her...)

So, on Saturday, I felt so wrong about treating an older person like that, and I don't want to make anything worse, I sent her an SMS apologizing (although I don't think I did anything wrong) to her about the incident and tried to explain the situation after that issue.

The first sentence was: "Sorry, I din mean to mad at you."

I didn't know that I chose the wrong word to express 'angry'.

Her reply was: "what do you mean by 'the first sentence'. You don't understand the perkara from the beginning. It's never going to be the same between us anymore."

I felt weird, but I was not in the mood for a long conversation with her, so I continued my task.

We met outside our house, and she told me something very shocking.

"What do you mean by mad? You think I am crazy is it??"


Shocked, I explained what's the SMS really about. I don't think she even finished reading my SMS.

She muted for few seconds, and said:"You should use the word ANGRY instead. Why do you use 'mad'? Last time, our teacher said mad carries only one meaning - crazy. I only know the word mad means crazy."


I was so speechless, I decided to ignore her and continue my work.

At first, I felt quite sorry. Now, I am MAD. :/

I admit my EQ fails big time, but isn't it better to come clean with each other? That's why my favorite quote "听一个人讲话就大概可以知道他/她是个什么样的人"


PURPLE is LOVE said…
seksa betul nk bersihkan sisa banjir kan??

baru skarang kita tahu eh?

hahaha.. good job girl~
*~Huey Nee~* said…
Aah~ dulu kt hometown tlg bersihkan umah nenek dan kedai jek. Ni first time kena kat diri-sendiri... hu hu hu

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