The Terrifying 62kg

Friends (especially the secondary school's and poli's) and family know that I was the type of person who never gain weight no matter how much I eat. I have been this way for the past 25 years, and I kinda proud and often bragged about it.

Since I leave home for Politeknik, every time I went back, the compulsory questions from my aunts were:"How come you are thinner and thinner each time you come back? You didn't eat is it? Life there very tough huh?" Well, it was quite annoying back then, because it happened every single time I went back, but now, I kinda miss it.

Although along the years, friends and people around me had warned me about the belly which started to grow (and their comment was the belly was obvious because I was thin), my weight never exceed 50kg, and I still received comments that I was kurus kering in Uni.

They said it was genetic, and I truly believed it because my mum was in this group too - tall and thin.

Anyway, things changed.

They said woman's aging symptoms shown when they reach 25 years of age, and so coincidently, that was the time I came back from Xin Jiang, where the portion of food there was tremendously large.

At that point too, I started to notice the increment of my weight as we often made full use of the digital weight scale in our playground aka Biomechanics lab.

It began with 52kg, then 54, 55, 57 and the last reading was 58kg. The increment was a steep one, and I was S.H.O.C.K.E.D.

After that, it was the next year that I had a chance to use a weight scale again. It was during a blood donation which weight is the very first checkpoint to determine whether you qualified to donate or not.



I stunned. It was the first time too that I donated 450ml of blood, the highest amount of all time.

I wrote it at the FB wall, and the feedback was great :))

Anyway, the tragic number frightened me for I have gained at least 10kg for the past 1 year++. Even, the questions from my aunts has changed too, to:"How come you become fatter and fatter nowadays?" Argh, that hurts!

And so, I must change my mindset and my eating habit.

Friends suggested that I should try to 'shrink' my appetite, but it is the hardest part, but I try my best.

Breakfast: Nescafe (which I cannot live without), biscuits, sometime bread.
*some fruits in between*
Lunch: Rice with a lot of veggies and a tiny portion of meat.
Dinner: Nestum+milk, 2 apples, 3 pieces of wheat crackers.

Breakfast and lunch are still as usual though, since I don't see anything wrong about that. They are the two main source of energy and stuffs to keep me up whole day, as said in many articles and reports etc.

I eventually cut down my junk food intakes too, and replace them with either fruits or wheat crackers as snacks. Making fruit juice is quite impossible task for the moment because auntie landlady's blender smells like flour!? so I dare not to borrow.

- Every night, I do a series of routine exercises that my mom learned from her 师兄 and taught me to do before sleep and on the bed/floor.
- Wake up 20 minutes earlier for rope skipping.
- Cycle to have lunch in town every weekends.
- some sweat-filling house chores every weekends.
- swimming (never go for one yet after the flood)

There's some good things that I don't need to add into or improve or anything though - I prefer walking or cycling.

Although having a car is convenient, I tend to park a little further away and walk to my destination, or if I have many venues to go, I would just park my car at the very end of my destination, and walk around. I walk to grab lunch at the chinese zap fan stall opposite my cluster.

If the destination is not really 'walking'-friendly, I would rather cycle. Auntie landlady even willing to borrow her motorcycle when I wanted to ride her bike to the town for lunch. She must have thought I'm kisiao. Haha!

The article to support my walking habit :))

I don't really know whether my actions actually help lose my weight since I don't have any weight scale around. Yet, my first priority is to have a healthy body, so suffering myself is quite unlikely. Still, I hope my weight don't go up anymore!! -___-


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