Leaving for Nuang

Oops, I did it again!

This time around, I'm leaving Perlis to KL for Nuang hiking, despite having a paper submission due on the 15th.

It is Selangor's highest mountain. The legend has it that it is one of the toughest hike, measuring 1,493 metres (from almighty Wiki), it requires 12 hours hike, up and down hill, or it generally depends on your planning, whether you're doing it as a day trip or overnight on the mountain, and your physical condition.

It is also recommended as a good training as preparation of Mount KK climb I'm going on April...

Footwear is an important element, and my outcome:


Since it involves streams crossing, muddy floor etc, those expensive and 'elegant' trekking shoes were out of reach, summore most of them in Perlis are only available for male size, the smallest size is 42!? Kek sim...

So, I ended up with one almighty kampung Adidas, and one studded football shoe, and the sandal for daily use, and the sandal is more expensive than the two shoes!

Befriended the tauke of the shoe shop too, and his wife is from KB!! Have been in Perlis for three years, but only now that I actually get up close and personal with the locals...


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