It's 2.39 am and I'm still wide awake!

OK lah maybe not 'WIDE' wide since my eyes are not willing to open to its max, but my brain is definitely doesn't want to sleep. My mind kept spinning around, with loads of stuffs come flashing here and there. Duh~

So here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, trying to contribute a decent blog entry.

It's almost 2 weeks, and I'm still here in my sweeeeeet homey. Haha!! If Master or PhD has a probation period, I will definitely fail it, and my supervisor will not even want me to complete my probation! :p
My reason: I want to get rid of all the 'holiday mood' before I release myself to the boring land;
reason behind this reason: I don't want all those holiday mood keep bugging me if I go back on last Monday or so, it will make the whole situation worse. At least now, I feel the 罪恶感 already, so it helps in my works later. Excuses!!!

Watched 《媒人帮》 on the first night of CNY. The movie is funny to the max!! 很steady一下的咯!! I am proud that it is 100% local made, but locals might be able to understand the jokes in the movie better, because of all the accents and dialects etc etc (就好像海角7号咯...虽然我始终没有看完...)

My good old SE K510i had been a pain in the ass for quite some time, and for the last few weeks, it doesn't give me any strong signal, the screen always appears 'Emergency Calls Only', I had a lot of trouble sending and receiving SMS as well as calls. This had become quite a huge problems for the past few days since it's a friends gathering day! Well, can't actually blame it lah for it serves me for nearly 5 years now.

Due to that, I bought a phone few days back, complimentary from daddy. The phone is, like, the cheapest and lowest range in its brand, but has enough specification for me to use. The choice is literally inspired by a dear friend of mine when she said "I only need a phone which can call and SMS, that's enough for me" It works quite well so far, but sometimes it would turn off and on automatically which frustrated me.

Had dinner at Solaris BBQ last night. The meal was quite disappointing. The concept is more or less like the one in BBQ Plaza, but here, they use oil and margarine instead of lard (It's a halal restaurant). Due to the structure of the BBQ plate, the margarine must first squeezed onto the plate, then dunk the meat into the small plate of oil, and put it on the plate. More margarine is added onto the plate to make sure the grisliness of the BBQ plate and the meat to be cooked, thus all those oily margarine flowed into the soup below and forming an oily soup.

^Judge it for yourselves... Taken by new phone v^.^v

The restaurant is now listed in the first-and-the-last billboard, and I promise I will definitely bring my parents to BBQ Plaza for the real taste of BBQ loh! 想到都饿鸟...


tino said…
blek...hile yellow yellow color, wa pun lai sikong si egg lai....
hile top is for bbq a??!! wwuuueeekkk...

li be hamik phone?

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