CNY 2011

Happy Rabbit year to everyone! :)

Had a simple and harmonic celebration so far.

This year, Lim tino decided to do something different about our attire for the first day of CNY, so she came out with two sets of T-shirts for 6 of us with different color and design. Nice :)

^Red + white T-shirt for the 30th reunion dinner

^Blue with our own cartoon character in the front of the shirt

Sa Chap meh: Had our steamboat reunion dinner at home. (the night before first day of CNY). Planned to have a lou sang with the theme 'family T-shirt ahbeng style' (tugged shirt in and pull up the high waist pant!) but tak jadi...

First day of CNY: packed with serving food, heavy flow of relatives to the house etc etc. This year, we had nasi dagang and roti jala for the sake of simple cleaning up aftermath. Ang pow collection was fewer than we expected.

Second day: Had some family argument - dad being stubborn and hard to please. Everyone was not in the mood, so stayed home expecting some relatives to visit grannie. Exchanged phone numbers with a not-close-yet-friendly biao ge who stays in Klang.
Yamcha session (the 'annually' thing...) with Qian Yi, Pheng, Shin Yee and Chuen Yu. Poor Yee, she had to work on Saturday so she's leaving first thing in the next morning. Felt a little 内疚 when QY wondered why we never keep in touch with each other although we stay in the same country, instead she who stays so darn far away would call and chat with us. -____- OK OK made a deal with Pheng that I will meet up with her whenever I am in KL :p Had some fun reminiscing time when sending QY back to her house of the road we used to go to-fro school together.

Third Day: It's Min Shin's BIG day, and I was one of the jimuis. We didn't have any discussion at all about the game before hand, so the game part was a little unorganized. The XXL-sized heng dais played rough when they literally pushed their way in stampede to the bride's room, and pulled the 'jo deng' jimuis out of their way. I nearly fall down the stairs -__- We visited her new home too.
Her wedding dinner was at that night. I had no idea at all what attire should I wear. I put on a dress - awkward; another one - awkward; blouse + skirt - awkward... Gah~ Lastly, I decided to go with a jeanswear! :p The venue was at Crown Garden Hotel. New place, nice ambience, great food! Of course, the newly wed is superbly awesome! Met some old friends there too.

Fourth Day: Open house at my uncle's new house. Went to Maxis centre and SenHeng with dad afterwards for mobile phone hunt. Made a choice but purchase to be on hold as the credit card was left at home.

Fifth Day: Meeting with friends day. Had breakfast with sisters before they departed to KL. First round gathering at Pheng's place for some light snacks while waiting for Chuen Yu.
Went to Shien's place as both of them are first timer and I was not really certain about the location of her house. Successful at first attempt!! Ahem!! Had home made kau jam (more common name is nasi kerabu, the green color rice mixed with raw veggies, fish, fried coconut and budu) at her house. Her mom cooked very very nice kau jam I tell you! It's very much surprising for us that it was Pheng's first time eating kau jam. Shared stories, rumours, gossips and stuffs.
FYI, it's our 10 years anniversary after SPM!! Getting old liao... -___-
Spent a little more time at Pheng's place and went to Min Shin's place after that for some chit chat moment as we had very few interaction during her wedding day. Talked about her wedding stuffs, people, gossips etc.
Went to her parents' place before leaving to take a glance on her nephew! Her sister, Min Yee gave birth to a baby boy last month. Adorable little fellow. He could sleep tightly with the dog barking like mad but when we were gossiping. he immediately move around, wake up and cry! Hehe... Min Yee asked me when will be the last time she need to give me ang pow.
Bless me please bless me~! :D

Sometimes, I must admit that I cherish secondary school friends dearly. They are the best companion to express feelings, share problems and happy stuffs with.

Sixth Day: ...which is today, nothing much done. Stay at home most of the time.

Extra Story Time:

Lim tino brought back her pet dog White-white as there's no one to take care of her (the dog) in KL.

At first, we worried about the response of other dogs in the house of the appearance of a new dog, apparently, 我们想太多了. It's a little awkward during the first meeting but the guys played along well afterwards.

There goes the new monarchy system in the house among the dogs: CoCo Jie the big sister 〉WW the new comer 〉BiBiBoi the handsome gentleman brother.

Later, we realized that WW likes to play rough. Since she IS a 'hyperactive' dog, she plays 24/7, literally, with BiBiBoi(she doesn't dare to even get near CoCo Jie), and she plays in a rough way too. She barks at him, bites him, pulls his ears, steps on him etc etc.

We can see that BB was a little bored and lazy to give a damn to WW, but sometimes, when she crossed the line or goes too far, he scolds her with a resentful bark. WW would step back for awhile, and continue her bully after some period. Other time, she would just go on and on 'bullying' BB and the gentleman just let her be and plays nice. She even disturbed him when he was sleeping.

During the last night of WW's stay, we didn't know what did they actually do, but I saw some blood stains and some cut on BB's left ear. We thought WW wanted to give him some gift as memory, but that gift was far too 'heavy'.

I don't know whether they 'hooked' up or not, since WW kept doing the 'inappropriate' action to BB, but if WW's pregnant, it's Lim tino's problem liao. Hahaha :D

Why I called BiBiBoi a gentleman? See below...


This morning was a little cold due to the mild breeze wind, and I saw this 'harmony' scene in front of the door. Both of them were apparently keeping each other warm by staying close to each other. What a handsome little boy he is. :)


tino said…
WW sudah "ka cha"! so she be hiao prenent liao...
and wa gaso bibi still boy, aboi "fa chun"...haha

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