Charlie Bite Me + Bonding Time

Unlike the cute thing going on between two brothers (go Google for 'Charlie bite me' youtube),I was 'eventually' 'get in touch' with Charlie the bug aka Kumbang Rove.

I've known this bug for quite some time, and wrote the 'somewhat' famous post about it. (LoL beh paiseh...)

Ever since I moved to the new place, the bugs and insects and mosquito came visiting me batch by batch, especially during the rainy days, and that's the time I first encountered the orange-y color Charlie.

I thought I was careful enough, until I felt a pinch-y pain on my thigh one day. The pain persisted until the second and the third day, so I asked my housemate and senior to take a look at the blister, in case they knew what it was.

Not only the pain persists, the blisters are kinda growing too, so those who looked at it advised me to go see a doctor for an accurate 'diagnosis'. So I went, and indeed it was Charlie!Anyway, 'bite' is not really the field of expertise for the Charlie bugs, so I might have sat on them or something. Darn~ 

Doc asked me if I've applied any sort of cream or something on it and I said yes, he dramatically frown, pushed his specs and said. "OH No... That fluid of Charlie's is 'fierce', you cannot simply apply anything on it! Not only it will not heal the blister, it might broke and infected other area of your body too!" ...and I was shocked to know that! He prescribed me a type of cream to apply on it, and 'warned' me to use ONLY that cream for the blister...

Plus, since the blisters are below my thigh, and the doc told me to wear loose shorts and even better, sarong, I had to declare MC myself =.=

^See!! Cannot even sit properly because of those blisters

For the spare time, I had a bonding time with M&M on the lazy sunny evening. Carried both of them out of the cage, laying them down on my chest while I was laying too, watching movie and listening to the radio while both of them explored curiously above my chest.

^They found that laying their butt on my neck was nice...

They are still as cowards as they naturally are, anyway, it's pretty impressive when they suddenly quiet down and even sleep on me when listening to 费玉清!! =D That was too darn cute!!


suna said…
So cute!! Ur genuine pig rite? ^^

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