First Dogsitting Experience - JackJack

Theresa was out of town last weekend, so she asked me to help her take care of her pet dog, JackJack. The task is simple enough: feed him, let him out for toilet break, and lock him in his cage at night.

Jack 101 briefing was done a day before, and I got to say Hi to Jack during his walk. It's quite surprising that he is so small size! Too cuteness overload.

When I first arrived Thes's house on Saturday, Jack peeked at me from inside the house, and when I went into the house, I couldn't find him anywhere visible until...

^Yikes! I scared the hell out of him!

After calling his name few times and got no respond, I decided to make myself comfortable and showed no threat (like I'm welcomed in the house). Seconds later...

^Came out and played!

Jack is really such petite sized dog, he runs around the house without knocking down anything (literally because there's no junks in the house at all that it has so much space for him to run), hides under the table, jumps from sofa to sofa.


Because of his sensitive skin condition, he is not allowed to eat any other food except dog food. I was warned about his pity staring face when we had food on the table, so I was fully prepared! Fortunately, I have a strong heart.

^"It looks so nice!! Can I have some please?? Pleaseeeee......"

Like all the dogs in the world, they love tummy rubs and touching, so does Jack. During our first meeting, he already showed me his tummy for some rubs, massaging his muscled legs, and he'd give me some kisses on the face as an appreciation.

On Sunday, there's All England on Astro Arena, and I was so sleepy from sleeping late and waking up early in the morning, so I didn't play with him very much. He is good in entertaining himself too, like...

^Find himself a sweet spot and rest :)

Too bad I happened to have a once-in-a-blue-moon busy weekend, so I couldn't keep him company for two full days. Overall, it's a very good experience, especially thanks to Jack who is such a cute, sweet and friendly dog, a total sweetheart.


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