Getting Impatient on The Road

I read a comic sometimes ago, it says the best way to drive a person crazy, even the nicest, purest, bestest, calmest person in the world, would be putting him/her on the road.

That statement is rather true, unless he/she is the one that drives other people crazy... =.=

Nowadays, maybe due to 'aging', the more impatient I am behind the wheels. I would easily curse the other person to their earliest ancestors for their reckless driving.

There's one time I was yelled at when I turned into a left junction without seeing a car right beside me, or should I rephrase, the sight of the car unfortunately fell in the blind spot of the rear- and side-view mirror. The car honked me along the stretch of the road, and wind down the mirror to shout at me. =.= That's why later I bought a pair of fish eye mirror (or what you call that, the round thingy mirror) to put on the side mirror.

Recently, I found yet another two reckless behaviors of road users that not only it's annoying, it put other road users in danger too:

1) Using a RED signal lights - surprisingly, in this smallest state in Malaysia, I find the cars with RED signal lights very often, like 4 in every 10 cars. I was even furious when there's one time that stupid car with red signal light wanted to turn to another junction, without decreasing the speed while flashing the rather useless RED signal light! From then on, all cars with RED signal lights are labelled by me 'the stupidest and selfishest driver in the world'. And where the hell is the authorities when they suppose to do their job about this!?

2) Flashing headlamps when overtaking - This happened last night when I came back from Alor Star. This sikongbeng Alphard RC 19xx drove in about 90-100 km/h on a rather empty road, flashing his/her freaking irritating headlamps 打高灯 at every overtakes, every.freaking.overtakes! Stupid dumb dumb! Of course you would say:'you only get annoyed once when he overtakes you'. NO. His modified headlamps are so bright, it literally brightened the whole street with one single flash! =.= Again, where the hell is the authorities when they suppose to do their job about this!?

So, when you meet any person who you think he/she is the angel fallen on earth, bring him/her behind the wheels please :)


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