Birthday 2013 with a Blast

...It's been a month+ and it's waaaay overdue and dear Hon has been waiting for this post for ages.... Anyway...

My 2013 birthday was a serene blast! :)

Filled with love, romance and gratitude! :D

Hon booked a room in the newly open Four Points by Sheraton in Tanjung Bungah, Penang since August. The official opening was on 1st Oct and we got the opening promotion rate for this. Because of that too, we were literally staying in a fairly new hotel despite some flaws here and there.

We arrived at the hotel at 11.30am and when we were checking in, Hon's AMEX card was not accepted. It pissed Hon off and he made a fuss about it. The staff tried to talk him into paying with another card and it pissed him even more. Eventually, we were upgraded to a sea-view room (which is RM50 extra on the rate).

As of the room, since it's new (refurbished though), the room is very clean and well furnished. It has a sofa by the window which overlooked the sea (the street view must be suck), and the bed and pillows were from heaven!! Hon said Sheraton's pillows are their trademark and I should have brought some myself! The ill-design washroom was unacceptable as the whole toilet floor would be wet when you shower due to the glass placement and no sliding door. The parking slots were limited and good luck finding parking during the evening (as many people came to 'kai fang', according to us the dissatisfied customers)

Since it was the first day of Gao Ong Ya / Jiu Wang Ye / 九王爷 / Nine Emperor Gods, we had hard times finding places to grab a bite to eat so we had to give in whenever we saw food at anywhere anytime.

***   ***   ***
Back to birthday story...

Hon baked me a cake too!! :)

There's some story about the love-shaped baking tray. Not sure if you're interested to know but I still wanna talk about it. We were shopping at a Daiso store in Publika, he took one from the shelf when we walked separately, I saw it in his hand when we met and by just looking me in the eyes, he could see I knew what's in his head and he quickly put it back to the shelf, blaming me to be too smart and ruining all the fun and surprises.  -___-  Anyhow, one good thing about being in an LDR, you can have all the secrecy plots going on your end while on the phone with your SO and she wouldn't have a bit of suspicious (I'm not speaking for all women though). TADA! A love-shaped cake was baked! :)

Hon booked us a place for the dinner buffet in Sarkies, Eastern & Oriental Hotel. The buffet dinner themed Wine & Dine offers free flow of alcohol (red/white wines, beers and fruit punch) which made Hon very happy. The buffet spread was not as wide as the one in Cinnamon Coffee House of One World Hotel but the quality was tip top and finger licking good!

Being a wine enthusiast, Hon taught me how to taste, drink and appreciate wine, as well as how certain food (cheese in particular) can alter the taste of the wine. Unfortunately, I have nothing but a coarse tongue, so I couldn't differentiate any taste at all. Worse, all the alcohol drinking got me so dehydrated I had a fever that night.

In the middle of the dining, there was a three-man band came in to perform, and the vocalist's voice was so deep and charismatic, the atmosphere was amazing. There was a group of Japanese sitting at the table next to us, the vocalist sang a few Japanese songs and they were very much impressed! For the second half round, the band moved to the other side of the restaurant and had a lot of fun with the big group over there.

Overall, the buffet was oh-so awesomely nice! I kept going back to the dessert counter for their chocolate-dipped strawberries as the chocolate tastes very high-classy. As Hon has some sort of a membership card that gave him a 50% dining discount, so it was worth it. OH, and Qian Yi called me all the way from Japan to wish me happy birthday! :)))

Besides the cake, Hon got me some chocolate and snacks from Phuket when he went for his company trip a week before, as well as few bottles of body scrubs, body butter, face cleansers and masks.

We stayed in on the next day, enjoying the comfortable room and nice ocean view to ourselves, went out only to eat.

Checked out on the third day, the staffs seems not adequately trained and check-out took the same duration of time as we were checking in two days ago. The staff in-charge of our check out had to use calculator to calculate a simple math plus-minus equation ie. RM200 - RM141 = RM59, and when I had enough of him trying to search ups and downs of another RM1 for the change, I put in an RM1 for him, now at a total of RM201, and he looked at me, confused, not knowing what to do, looking back at the calculator to work the sense out of this, and I helped him solve the issue with the big question mark still on top of his head. -_____-  Yeah, it's a small thing but for customer service, it's everything.

I bet now you can see what kind of fussy couple we are.. Heheee

Later that day, we went to visit Steven in Pedal Inn, had brunch at Macalister Lane, and met up with Shin Yee at New Park. After the meeting, Hon was like:"Are you sure Shin Yee is your friend? Is she being abused or bullied, being forced to make friend with you?? 她是不是被逼跟你做朋友的?" Lalalalala~~~

I am happy :)

...despite the fact that I'm celebrating the last birthday starting with 2...
...feel so old...


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