Study Week Trauma

My first paper is within few days time (this coming Monday), and I definitely sure that I'm not fully prepared for it. By 'fully' I mean something like not even 50-60%. alamak~*

EKT222 (our subject's code) Microprocessor System is not really my cup of tea. It's still ok to understand the instruction set, to remember the kakis of those ICs, to memorize the memory system, machine cycles, the buses etc... BUT when it comes to writing an assembly programme, I'm so totally surrender. While studying for this subject for the past few days, I yelled and screamed and shouted almost every night to release tension. *JIALAT*

Luckily this is the first paper, so it makes all those papers after that abit more relaxing...

Anyway, every paper seems to be relaxing to me... Wakakak~*

I admit I am totally an extremely super-duperly lazy person. My housemates aka coursemates studying day-and-night nonstop, while I study depends on mood, whether shiok or not the wind to study...

That kind of attitude = shit

Hope I will survive lah in the end... =(

I need to scream again... *ArgHhHhhhHhHhH*


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