Nasi Ganja

I now introduce U, *NASI GANJA*

Sorry about the color. The lighting is bad and my phone camera is not-so-good quality as well.

The name 'nasi ganja' is actually named by us students but not the boss himself. This name is given as their effect is closely akin:
*belum cuba belum mau
sekali cuba hari-hari mau*

It is almost the same as nasi kandar, except the lauk is not as much as the original nasi kandar - only chicken/daging. The rice is orange color. The unresistable part is the kuah (I think), coz it wont be too spicy, not too salty, not too weird, those kind of kuah that wont make you feel muak or 腻 if you know what i'm saying... It is available at the roadside at Jalan Serawak, Kuala Perlis.

And the fastastic part is - It costs RM2 per packet! The portion is not too much nor too little, just nice for a big appetite like me, plus self-bancuh drink and self-potong fruits.

Random pictar time:

Final countdown... begins...


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