Tao "道" gathering at autocity
I didn't balik kampung for cheng beng, instead I joined the north Malaysia zhung wen thread's gathering at Tao 道 at Auto-City.

After keusahawanan class at 5pm, I drove and arrived at SP at around 7pm++. Waited AhChuan at SP utara toll exit and followed his car to BBmoi's house. Then tumpang his car to Autocity and arrived around 8pm++.

It's a very EVIL gathering as we ate alot ALOT ALOT of stuffs. By 'alot', it means really VERY VERY MUCH!! My goodness... I think I've eaten three days meals in one night..

It is a ala-carte japanese buffet, costs RM55 (tax included) per person. It serves all sorts of japanese foods: sushi, unagi etc etc etc (I don't know all those japanese food's name.. paiseh~)

Pictures will be uploaded once I receive them.

Kejohanan Taekwondo WTF 2008 at UUM

This tournament is held at UUM Sintok on 5th (Saturday). It is supposed to be a two-day tournament, but because of the less number of participants (I'm not one of them.. hehe), Final is on the same day as well.

Only 3 schools are participating: UUM the host, us UniMAP and our Taekwondo Sir's secondary school students.

Went to UUM with Sean. This is actually my first time watching a Taekwondo tournament LIVE. TeeHee~ very 刺激!

Frankly, what amuzed me even more is UUM's infrastructures and facilities. GOSH! It is like a small town with all the buildings and faculties and sport complex and hostels in one area! The road to Canselori building is like entering to MB (Menteri Besar)'s house neh~ And I'm extremely envy and jealous of the UUM's students as they have the most complete sport complex!! They have an Olympic-sized swimming pool!! They have bicycles for rental!! What make me even jealous is that...

They have their own go-kart
*Jealous jealous jealouS*

Malam Anugerah Kecemerlangan Dekan PPK Mechatronic 2008
*warning: this title contained alot of anonymous sleepy head pictars. Viewer dicretion is advised

This is the night where the students get awarded with Anugerah Bestari (for CGPA 3.00-3.49) and Anugerah Dekan (CGPA 3.5-4.0). The theme is black & white, so I wear like this:

I got Anugerah Bestari this time~

The night was kinda boring actually, especially when the attendance of students and lecturers are so pathetically few (Not even one BME lecturers attended le~~~ Deng~~~)

Our Dean is giving his speech. He left after dinner.

Then the programme is as usual lo, Cabutan Bertuah, performance and anugerah 'King' and 'Queen'.

When dismissed, we need to wait for Cik Hird, one of the AJKs, to complete her thingys. And I got so sleepy, i did alot of something to keep myself un-bored.

(pss... You might find this annoying and 恶心)


tired smile

even tired smile

Posing with Marr

Lagi-lagi sleepy head

Encik Basri, who received anugerah Staff pilihan and the head of this event, belanja us KFC... At 12.30am

Posing maut with Cik Hird


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