Langkawi Trip

Since Mr Lim retired, my parents are very jalan-able. Within few months this year, they oledi visited Cameron, Taiping etc, depends on Mrs Lim's availability.

This time, my parents and DaJie came over Perlis during Sultan-Kelantan-Birthday vacation this weekend. We went for a one-day-trip to Langkawi on Sunday. Last semester my parents, ErJie, Mei and I visited Langkawi too when my parents sent my car to Perlis, and we went to Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells Waterfall), and sightseeing of *almost* whole Langkawi. This time, daddy said we go Cable car only...

Waiting 9am ferry. The ferry ticket is RM18 per adult.

On the ferry

Leaving the jetty lor~~~

*There’s an annoying incident on the ferry. A family, around 6-8 people were sitting behind us. As our seat is next to the window, the kids kept on climbing on the seat and panjat at the back of our seat! Geramnyer!! Not only that, their leg macamlah panjang sangat, kept on kicking the back of our seat (just like if a seat in a cinema is narrow, that you’ll unintentionally kick your front seat), BUT hor, for almost the whole trip (1 hour++) leh!! Kek sam! And they seems like talak perasaan when we stared at them with the annoying 眼神... ... ... speechless... ... ...

Sampai Langkawi loh!!! See the trademark of Langkawi boh??? The famous lao eng!! (paiseh la, too small... hehe)

This is the car *plate* we rented, RM40 for half day.

We gai-gai around Kuah town first to do some souvenir and chocolate shopping.

After shopping and lunch, off we go to Langkawi Cable Car!

The cable car station is beside the Geopark Hotel, so the environment is quite nice and cozy.

This is the toilet’s decoration by just paying the typical 30sen. Can you find this inside Lowyat’s RM1-per-entry toilet boh??

The entrance fee is Rm25 per ride! *expensive* But we Malaysian can get Rm10 discount by showing our MyKad.

On the cable car, going up the hill loh!! So excited!!

The cable car is slightly smaller than Genting’s, but the surrounding is cool!!

This is the Telaga Tujuh scenery from the cable car.

*The 恩爱 couple*

Mummy asked me why I like to 自拍... >_<

Finally, our first stop. It’s almost half way to the top. Look at the mist...


This is the top-est part of the cable car! 710m above sea level

The weather is quite bad, full of mist and rainy day. Summore because of the weather condition, one of the platforms is closed. Sien...

Mummy is doing 长生学 meditation.

And me kacauing behind her.

There’s one big bear at the cable car loading area. Wonder why...

Careful ah!!

Going down. Raining ah!!

Daddy posing with Pikachu~

A couple was riding on the elephant~ They were so excited when they saw me taking their pictures~ muahahah~

See la, just when we get down the mountain, the weather become hot, and the mist getting thinner. Sien!!

Geopark Hotel’s pool~

Walking around... ... ...

We entered a 名牌 shop for window-shopping..

Waliao! So high~!!

What do you see on this glass slipper? I saw g-string... T__________T

One suisiao thing happened. When we were walking, my mum and I ter-stepped into a pool of 洋灰’s mud pool! Argh!!! My shoe! Mummy didn’t step hard into the 洋灰 so she didn’t get herself dirty. But my shoe...


There’s a animals garden. But actually only 3 animals inside the garden la...

The cam-whoring eagle~ *woot*

(with flash)

(without flash)

BIRDS! (I donno what type is this bird >_< )

(without flash :x )

(with flash)

Last shot of the cable car and our signature of visiting here.

After the trip we went to Kuah town again to visit a 姨婆who owns a restaurant here. She treated us ganlao mee, curry mee, ganlao chicken mee, yee mee, chicken herbal soup and pork stomach soup. Walao! Full!

DaJie and I went to the Eagle Bay to take pictures.

The Claw!!

The Head!!

The Tail!!

*Pirates of the Langkawi*


OH!! Something to add up!! Remember the annoying family who sat behind us on the k.perlis-langkawi ferry? They are on the same ferry going back K.Perlis too!! Argh!!! All of us pray so hard that they can sit far far FAR away from us... luckily, our pray is heard.. muahahhaha!!!


tino said…
be hiao kong....
thanks for sharing the picture, asai miss pa ka ma. song 1 eh.
wa masi a hiao upload wa a xiong recently. wu eng ki kua la

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