Wow!! Daddy installed Firefox into our home pc! Cool~ Awesome~~

No offence, but I prefer Firefox more and more than IE.. TeeHee~~~

Will be going to KL early tomorrow morning, fetch Chen at KLIA at night. *FUN*

Mum said movie is a must when we are at KL! And she said narDia would be better to watch than Kungfu Panda.. Since it's not a new movie anymore, mean we might still need to go through a long queue (weekend mah...), but sure can get good seat! Hah!!!

The Chronicle of NarDia: Prince Caspian! Here I come!

p/s: Mum said narDia, I'm good girl, so I just wrote down what she said... -_________-"

One day, a lightning will strike on your head for being an ungrateful daughter


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