Racun day

One fine day, I escorted mum and gramma to our kebun to racun the lalangs as the fruit-bearing season is around the corner.

My duty was a simple and easy one: keep an eye on the water level in the pails and keep track on the number of the racuns that Kamal (the tenure kebun worker Pakcik Mamat's son) sprayed.

The most terrible part is that we need to depart to Batnar (the location of the kebun) at 6.30am, means I need to wake up early.

While Mum and Kamal did all the racun mixing thingy, I ran away the kebun chasing dogs and hens and chicks like a huge retard kid.

Oh! Not to forget cam-whoring too... :p

After the water was filling up, Kamal was doing the mixing thingy and off he went to kill all those junkies, I just sitting around...



Not to forget counting...

We visited my granma's ex-house too... to give letters to my ah jek and ah jim. OH I miss that home soooo much... It plays the most important role in my childhood life~

The road to the house

This is durian tree...

...and this is duku tree.

Yes I know, it looked very blurry to differentiate which is which. I was disappointed coz I'm not able to eat any dukus right now coz there's no flowers on the trees yet.

No flower = No fruit


Then I notice this tiny durian kia.

Everything was done around noon. We packed everything up and headed for lunch. On the way, I noticed this annoying car which go like the road is his granpa's which was a 'W' plate with Kelantan's flag sticker on his back mirror. Grrrrrr..... That mempersiasuikan Kelantanese alot! And I noticed this too when it was beside our car while waiting red light to turn green.

Hmm.... I didn't see clearly what he sticked on his front mirror, so packed that he had to stick all the road tax-es on the driver's mirror. But, this is illegal, isn't it?

Random pictar time:

This is CoCo's new candlelight-dinner companion. We don't give any name for this fella coz this fella is not a pet of Lim's. Nowadays, this fella knows where is the exit of the 'kitchen' that serve dinners and way to sa jiao. Anyway, we don't really buy it. TeeHee~


Ahhh~~~ banana hanger~~~~

Donno where did dad buy this thing, it makes everyone of us speechless when it is displayed on the living room.

Daddy claimed that:"It will make all of you notice of the appearance of the bananas and finish it"

And we was like:" Oh yeah... -____________________________-" "


Arghhh.... my fav icy dessert. Nice jelly will make it a nice icy junkies. Otherwise, not nice.


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