Weekend in KL (again)

My mum and I came to KL yesterday morning to attend Chen's Campbell Uni convocation.

Well, recently my health seems like going to a hazardous level, as I didn't have a good journey yesterday. Long journey, day trip and on the bus is not a good combination, summore I hardly slept during the journey, plus there's this one annoying baby who kept on making the baby giggling sound which annoyed me quite alot. Yeah, I know I'm cruel and he is only a baby, but I had a terrible mood swing that I almost stand up to slap him on the face. *woot*

Miss Lim Tino pit giap edi!!! Congratulation!!!

The ceremony didn't take too much time as there's only a handful of students (around 100+- lah, hehe). We took pictures and waited for her under a big tree while she went to meet her lecturers. Her good friend Lai Cheng came to give her flowers too (A very nice lily~ Later will show picture).

After hustling here and there, this and that, we went to Pavilion for a movie.

And we watch....
...Jeng jeng jeng...

The awesome-ness is totally undeniable and unresistable!! Haha!! As it is a cartoon, so the kuazhang-ness and jialat-ness of the effects are so totally acceptable!!

Not feeling very now, stomach ache is attacking me. Chio~


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