Harga minyak sudah....

Naik kah???

All I heard on the news at 6pm was: our Prime Minister was announcing something about fuel price, and the words I heard the most were 'minyak'. 'ikan', 'nelayan', 'naik', 'sama', 'tidak sama', and a lot of 'sen'ssssssssss. Conclusion is: I don't understand what is he talking about.


Then my dad bonceng-ed me to visit the oil stations around Jalan Hospital. Shell, Petronas (oppostie Aman Razak), and Caltex (next to Addin) are so packed tell you! The pictures are still in my dad's camera, so will find time and effort (TeeHee~ Lazy mah) to upload.

Besides, the situation makes me wonder....

Since when KB got so many cars one!??!?!?!?

The latest plate I saw is DBF somethingsomething, so I think that makes a lot of sense that a lot and a lot of cars are purchased here. Grrrrrrr..... Many cars mean more traffic jam here and there.. And I don't like it.

Anyway, we didn't join the fuel-feeding parade coz eventually, all of the cars were feed-ed few days back, and they are still full. TeeHee~~~~

Minyak naik harga.
More bus ride and less driving for next sem.


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