Cari Pasal

One part of my brain that responsible in logical thinking should have gone hair-wirely wrong liao...

For the past few days, raining strikes in KayBee again after few days of extreme hot weather.

As you know, rainy days mean more people will drive cars, and that means more car on the road, which equivalent to loaded traffic on the road! Argh I hate jam in KayBee! Especially those critical jamming spots from my house to hospital.

So, instead of staying dry by driving car, I chose to ride motor to work. Siao hor?

The wind don't come with the rain, so the rain isn't that heavy which will blow people away and wet a person thoroughly. SO! Riding motor not only will not make me wet so badly, I spent approx 15 minutes in the journey instead of the hell traffic jams!

So, am I cari pasal anot?


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