Many stories in 1

1. Donated blood on 19th.

Actually I planned to do so since the beginning of my LI at HKB lah, but so many obstacles here and there, finally the plan dragged until that particular Monday.

It was a shun bian plan in conjuction with sending batteries to blood bank. Since I already made all the haul way to BB (Really! From Radicare to BB is really a long way), might proceed with my plan instead loh~

I met with Er Jie's friend there. He was sent to that unit for the first day for training or something like that.

To my honour, I was cucuk-ed by him.

And THANK GOODNESS his skill is good! So my bloody journey went on smoothly.

So in return, HKB's BB thanked me for my blood by giving me free food! Milo, half boiled egg, cakes and towel!

Which might earn a 'CHEH~' by others... (already earned by Lim Tino anyway)

2. Went to KL for the application of China Visa on 20th.

The visa department is at Plaza OSK, opposite MCA. We went there early, so we went for breakfast, sambil-sambil itu reading the application form we will gonna fill in.

Reached the office at around 8.40am. There's still few people around. We filled in the forms as much as what we know and queued up.

The girl arranging our stuffs is kiut~ But abit fierce neh... Whatsoever, their service is very fast! Everything gao dim within 10 minutes.

We came out from the office at around 9.30am. Oh gosh so early shopping malls also don't open yet! =.="

We walked all the way from Plaza OSK to KLCC, along the way we plan for our next activities. Watch movie or K-ing?

Until then only I realised, all of us who will be going to Xinjiang have one same thing in our mind!

"Don't buy so much CNY clothes! Save the money for shopping in Xinjiang! Control yourselves!"


When we reached the famous museum KLCC, JuJu suggested we might as well go to Times Square or Sg Wang to sing K. I was O_o and =.="

N:"You know how far is it from KLCC to Pavilion boh?"
J:"Not far lah! I walked before neh"
N:"... Hmm... ... ... Yeah woh. You can walk, that means we also can walk lah."
Wing and Ching were puzzled.
N:"A person who rather ride bus from Dragon to Muhibah (pointing at J). If she is able to walk this distance of road, means we can too"

UniMAP's students will understand de gua~

Anyway we managed to walked from KLCC to Pavilion~ I really never walked before neh, coz I never wanted to go to KLCC unless there is PC fair. If so, I'd go by car.

Pavilion's CNY deco

We K very shiok-ly at Sg Wang!

The visa done by Friday (now with me liao). Argh it's coming...

3. Encik Wan Azizan is kiut!

One day, in the morning, he asked me to write some chinese words of CNY greetings on the CNY cards to be distributed to the hospital's chinese 'VIP'. Easy job lah! So I wrote common words like gong xi fa cai xin nian kuai le ji xiang ru yi cai yuan guang jin blahblahblah...

When I finished, he asked all the staffs to sign on the cards. OK lah nothing weird what?

In the evening, he belanja us pisang goreng and keropok. In the same time, he handed me one thing.

W:"Untuk awak Lim"

I was seriously clueless. "This should be given to Mr Bock, shouldn't it?" Then I saw "TO: Lim Huey Nee".

GanDong ness~!

Mostly staffs and trainees sign this card =) Thank you! =)

4. Hafiz Sedih.

And he was really sedih that day due to some personal problems.

ps: Just posting for the sake of those who might miss him =)

5. Coco Lim

Wearing my tag!



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