Latihan Industri (7)

After few 感触 posts, I should write something cheery liao~~

It's been 7 weeks since I started my LI aka internship in Radibems HKB on 1st Dec 2008. 3 more weeks and I'll depart to XinJiang. Geez how fast the time flies~

It's been a very wonderful experience I gained with the kisiao funneh staffs in Radibems all this while, and I never have enough of everything yet!

Sometimes, I felt lost and uneasy when I think about finishing this internship early and leaving this country.

Well first of all, HKB is definitely much much more better than HUSM if you want me to compare the difference between LI-ing in HKB and HUSM. At least the staffs here treated you as a trainee who wants to learn everything instead of treating you as a girl~ There's sex discrimination in HUSM you know!? (At least it was during I LI-ed there last time).

Secondly, I never stay so away from my home, so away from Malaysia, not for this long. Geez I am so not an independent person.

For the past 2 weeks, I've been learning new stuffs. As my LI due date is around the corner, Cik We my honoured boss asked the engineers to let me follow them when they are to go for maintenance or PPM on 'rare' equipments such as ultrasound, ventilator, imaging devices etc which we can hardly involve with during normal days. He is so sayang-able~!

This 2-3 days, I've been escorting Abe Min to fix a dental chair in Wad Melati. The problem is so tough, even the king of circuit board almost give up.

Luckily, yesterday evening, he finally found out the problem and the problem should be able to solve in 2 weeks or so.

Today, I joined an T&C in Hemodialisis Unit. The machine is a CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) machine. For us, it seems like the functions are more or less the same as a hemodialisis machine.

you are looking at a RM98k machine

The representative from vendor is cute! =) Finally one chance for washing my eyes! And the only chance to do so. +.+

Encik Zul is coming to visit me in 28th! Summore I need to go back UniMAP afterwards for the presentation. Aiyek~

Random story time:
Like any other typical lala mui, I felt quite quickly into different celebrities. I think for the past few months, I have shifted from liking Andy, then ShinHwa, then WonderGirls, and now the one and only China member in Super Junior SJ, 韩庚 aka HanKyung.

Not to deny that I am a heart-soft person, so I felt sorry and pathetic when I first learn about the 'tragic' life of these celebrities.

As what I read in the internet, despite the glow and glory, Korean entertainment industry has its ugly side that I cannot really tell how true it is. Therefore, the impact is on the celebrities there, following bullies, dicriminations, and even death.

Being a foreign singer, there's rule where he cannot appear in television screen after a moment, so he has to wear a mask just to perform with his fellow groupmates.

Instead of this, I think he's kinda cute in 快乐大本营,and I watched his appearance as guest in 鲁豫有约. So, yeah loh, I like him pulak.

Left is him, right is 崔始源

He as one of the torch bearers for the 2008 Beijing Olympic

Plus, from some angle, I think he looks 'kinda' alike my Lim Er Jie.


It's just me.. again...


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