A New Watch

It's not a hyper-expensive Tag Heuer or Tudor watch to be screamed about lah though~

For years I have a mission that I really need to get myself a nice, decent and slightly expensive watch. (Or maybe I’m lucky enough I’ll receive it as a gift. But…. Oh well~)

I’m quite a big fan of watches. Not a watch collector though. I just like to wear watch, that’s all. Thus I owned quite a number of watches, but most of them were cheapskate-RM9.90 watches. Once in a while dad would buy us a slightly better watch. During those days, a RM50-Casio-Quartz-silver-dial-leather-strap-classy-style watch is considered expensive for me lah…

Mum used to tell me to have a better watch as I used to brag her a lot in replacing watch batteries, straps etc. Then she would start showing off her gold classy and scratch-full watch that she wears for ages.

Recently, thanks to the extra income I earned from Uni, I was thinking about getting myself something good in return. Few things ran around my mind: handphone, camera, MP3 player, external HDD…

And then all of sudden, a huge light bulb flashes! Why don’t I buy a watch!?

Browsing through few threads in lowyat.net, and finally I purchased this!

^The parcel

Cun? I love the dial and hands so much lah! And that's the reasons I choose this model too.

Quite a risky deal though as I never see the thing for real and banking in the money and expecting shipment thingy...

Ok you can call me stupid but I received the item in one piece! ^^ Summore the ABX Express van stopped right in front of my hostel door to deliver the parcel! ^^ (fyi, parcels and documents and stuff should be delivered to the hostel office and students have to collect them in the office too...)

Anyway, money is spent in good way :)


tino said…
wa masi suka be minggia online...

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