Thai Lakorn

Long looong time ago, when Astro and even Mega TV (if any of you still remember) were not the hot thing in town yet, all we had were TV1, TV2 and TV3.

Some additional programme channels were available too. For those in the south peninsular, they watched Singapore channels; while for us in the north region, we received Thai channels. For those who familiar with it, the most watched channels would be channel 7, channel 3 etc.

And below were our most favourite drama series (in Thai, they call it 'lakorn') of all time~

^Sai Lo Hid (1995)

^Dao Pra Sook

The group of actors and actresses in both dramas were almost the same group, where the hero and heroine were the same, but with different background and era, so we won't get confused.

Of course, if you wonder, we don't understand Thai, but we're damn good in guessing! Plus, we have friends who understand Thai and watched the drama in the same time! So no problem in 'translating' the synopsis of an episode. :) Awwww I missed those days~


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